about me

~I gave birth to all my children in the same hospital I was born in.
~I have had the privilege of being present at the birth of 2 babies (not including my own). Seeing life brought forth is an experience that one cannot describe - truly divine.
~I also had the privilege of naming my friend's child. He has my maiden name as his first name.

~I love singing really loudly and dancing around, especially to 80's music.
~I was sent to boarding school at the age of 12, for 4 years.
~I have lived in Mount Isa.
~I have lived in Papua New Guinea.
~I have lived in Brisbane.
~I have lived in Toowomba.
~I have lived in Cairns.
~I have lived in Townsville.
~I have lived in Longreach.
~I now live on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

~I went on a holiday by myself to Penang, Malaysia.
~I love coffee, but it has to be from an espresso machine - not a plunger, or a percolator, and definitely not instant.

~My husband is 7 years younger than me.
~I am the 4th born child, 2nd born daughter of 6 children.

~I took classical ballet, tap dance, modern ballet and speech & drama lessons in primary school.
~I was an Assistant Youth Pastor.
~I hate cockroaches. One ran up my leg and I ripped my jeans off in a nano second in a public place - church. Good news - it was a weekday so the place was empty. Bad news - the  pastor's teenage son was there. I hate cockroaches.

~I worked in retail for many years.
~I have completed a Certificate IV in Christian Ministries at Bible College.
~My first full time job was a radio announcer in Longreach.

~I won Best Prepared Primary Speech in an Eisteddfod.
~I won 2nd place doing the 'can can' in a duet at the same Eisteddfod.

~I am a university drop out.
~I can touch my nose with my tounge.

~My father died at the age of 49, in a fatal motor bicycle accident when I was 17.
~I went to Catholic schools for all 12 years of schooling except for one year when I attended school in Papua New Guinea.

~I want to visit the child our family sponsors through Compassion in Togo, Africa one day.
~I love the colour red.
~I have never seen snow in real life.
~I hate camping.

~The first time I coloured my hair was at boarding school when I was 12 years old. I have been doing it ever since.
~I used to cut and colour hair at boarding school and pierce ears. I had no idea what I was doing and used to get a kick out of the fact that they would trust me to do it!
~I have a tattoo that I gave myself when I was a teenager at boarding school- with a sewing needle and indian ink- on my ankle that says "Jo"

~I said in high school that I wanted to get married at the age of 27 and I did. (Words are powerful -choose them wisely.)


  1. I hate cockroaches too!! I thought I was unique in my "cockroach in the pants" experience, but now I know I'm not! I had one crawl where it shouldn't and I ripped off my jeans faster than I knew I could move!! Only I wasn't at church like you were...I was in front of my open door at my house...and there was a college fraternity right across the street! Ahhhh!

  2. Hi Jo have come across your site im not sure how it very late and i should be in bed so i have added you on my favourites and will be back to read about you some more. Which church do you attend??

  3. I have enjoyed viewing your blog. I invite you to check mine out www.mamaspages.blogspot.com sincerely Laurie from Canada, pastors wife,homeschool mama and blessed princess of the King.

  4. You tattoo'd yourself?!!! Are you mad??
    Oh I love these Jo!
    So many things I love.
    That you had all your babies where you were born.
    What was your maiden name??
    I'm just about to stik the kettle on and have a lovely cup of INSTANT coffee! Mmmmm :)
    Love ya Jo
    Thanks for sharing xxx

  5. Great facts Jo!! And great to get to know you better. I am looking forward to meeting you in real life :)
    I'm having a tough day, so I'm enjoying going through your blog and others to find inspiration :)

  6. Hey Jo~
    Long time no see! Loved popping in here and clicking on your 'about me' - it was fun to read.
    No worries about the snow - there's snow in heaven and it's not cold - but feels wonderful when you step in it with your barefeet! Trust me on this one!

    Living in the fullness of JOY,
    PS: somehow I missed the reason you are not homeschooling this year?

  7. Hi Jo,
    Am new comer to your blog. Thanks for all your sharing. Love how you are overcoming and thriving.
    Just feel that I should let you know I note a typo in this page
    " I can touch my nose with my tounge. "
    Take care and bless you
    Jayne (Sydney)


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