Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jumping around like a well-fed calf

Courageous Boy Warrior Drew this of me jumping on the trampoline

It has been a month since I shared with you that Spring was coming for our family. I have had 'normal' energy levels now for 3 weeks. At first I was waiting for the bubble to burst. I have been here before when new supplements work for a week, and then my usual fatigue returns. This time is different. 

But for you who honor me, goodness will shine on you like the sun, with healing in its raysYou will jump around, like well-fed calves.{Mal 4:2}
Yep! I did. (And I was so excited, I didn't proof read it- omit the 'with.'.)

I love being able to do more things with the boys. But the best part of having energy is getting back in the kitchen, and cooking dinner, allowing Mighty Prince Warrior to rest when he returns home from work. The whole family has been transformed by my new energy levels. The hardest thing about having energy after not having any for almost a decade is forgetting to stop and slow down. My husband said to me with a smile, "Just remember  normal people get tired too if we push ourselves too much."

My friend Deni  sent me the above message the first week of my 'renewed' energy levels and it confirmed what He was whispering to my spirit. I love how with everything that I have gone through this year, including learning to rest, God has used to prepare me for this time of healing. I am learning to pace myself. 

I have been in the kitchen a lot lately. Before I would not have had the energy to stand for long periods. Now, I am standing for hours in the kitchen! We started on the Failsafe Diet for 2 weeks, and then started the RPAH Elimination Diet (to check for food intolerances). I decided to quit after a week as the food was too limiting and it was a really hard diet to stick to. It has however, caused me to look at my pantry and recognise that it is full of packaged goods filled with additives and preservatives. We as a family will aim to avoid all additives, colours and preservatives as much as we can. We are going back to basics and making what we can from scratch. 

gluten free pear muffins
Homemade 'deli style chicken' with homemade mayonnaise
 & lettuce in rice paper.
Using rice malt syrup as a sweetner - fructose free.

homemade hommus and rice crackers

Making gluten free banana bread

Pear slushies
homemade carob & cashew brownies

Homemade cashew and rice milk

Homemade tomato ketchup

My kitchen has looked like this lately, and I am loving it! I have never been a confident cook, and I am finding myself being stretched in this area. Instead of being intimidated by the kitchen, I am embracing it. I am loving creating things out of basic ingredients. This will lead to a happy, healthier and calmer home. 

I am so thankful for a faithful God who loves me so much and heals in any way He chooses to, and in His timing.
I am thankful for many friends who have supported me on this journey.
I am thankful for a husband and best friend who has walked by me in this healing journey.
I am thankful that my children get to witness the outworking of my healing.

I am thankful that I am jumping around like a well-fed calf, just like He promised I would.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Love this post! Our King is always stay cool and awesome! We love you Father...we love you Father...we love You Father :)


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