Saturday, 27 October 2012

If you're brave enough to say goodbye....

This may be the hardest post I have ever written. At this moment my heart is beating rapidly, and tears form in my eyes. My blog is 4 years old and it has seen me through so many things over that time. In fact, as I have been looking back over old blog posts, I have marvelled at what God has done in my life. My blog feels like an extension of me. It is where I have expressed my heart and my soul many times over. God has used it as tool to shape me. I have been transparent and revealing of many struggles and victories. It is also where I have made so many amazing connections with so many incredible people.

I have been sensing a shift in my spirit for months now, and felt like His spirit was steering me in the direction of ending the season of blogging. Because I wasn't sure whether it was me or Him prompting me to stop blogging, I waited. And yesterday I got my answer. There was no denying it. That afternoon, I received an answer to a question I asked an instagram friend whose blog I had followed. I asked, "Do you still blog?" Her reply shook me to the core and I realised His spirit was talking to me through it. She said,
"I actually stopped blogging several months ago. I felt the spirit leading me in a new direction  It's tough because I felt I might miss out on "something" if I laid it down. But ultimately God was teaching me that my identity isn't in anything, rather in Someone. And that everything I need He has already secured for me. Jesus is enough.........and blogging isn't who I am. It was just something I did (for a season.)
I had been hesitant to give up blogging as my identity has been so wrapped up in it. If I stop blogging will people forget about me? Will I cease to be valuable in the eyes of others? Will I lose my friends and connections I have made in the blogging world? Maybe. But my identity is not Jo Princess Warrior. That name was great for a season while I was fighting to overcome depression, finding out who Jo was and believing for my healing. But it is time to lay Jo Princess Warrior down, and just be Jo His Grace. I need to just now live in His Grace and know that my identity lies in Him alone.

That same evening I shared with another person a direction I felt I was to go within my local church that I call home. I had not told anyone, not even my husband about this. And I still don't know why I decided to confide in this person. But all I know is that it was a God ordained conversation. You see, unbeknown to me, this person had just taken over the role of co-coordinator in the area in which I am looking to serve in! As soon as I found out I wanted to take the words back, but it was too late. The words had been spoken and I knew in my heart that this was the direction God wanted to take me.

It's time to take all the lessons that I have learned, (and the lessons that I will continue to learn), and share them with women in my own world on a more intimate level. Women that I can share a cup of tea with and see face to face. Women that are part of the church that our family and I call home, and women who are yet to come. I am nervous and feel inadequate, but I am taking this step of faith. I don't plan on making a start until 2013. I am still going to be using the rest of 2012 to rest as He has asked me to do. As for Princess Warrior Lessons, as hard as it is to say goodbye, this will be my last post.

So I guess this is goodbye, but it is also hello to a new season.

It has been amazing to look back on the Princess Warrior Lessons journey.

In this time I have:
  •  Moved house
  •  Overcome depression
  •  Started homeschooling
  •  Developed close friendships
  •  Found a church home
  •  Discovered who the real Jo is
  •  Discovered I was a writer and was published in several magazines
  •  Discovered I was an artist
  •  Learned that I am beautiful
  •  Learned to love myself - flaws and all
  •  Finally discovered why I had major fatigue and am in the process of being healed
I am in awe when I look back and see His hand over my life over the past 4 years. He is so faithful. I have discovered the true meaning of His grace, favour and love and will continue to walk in it. 

So goodbye to you all who have ever read a blog post and joined me on the Princess Warrior Lessons journey. 

I will never stop learning to live in the unforced rhythms of His grace. 

Still taking lessons from the King,

::{{ I will still remain on Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter ( @Jo_HisGrace ) }}::

Walk with me through memory lane as I take a look at Princess Warrior Lessons over the years.

The Princess Warrior Lessons Journey

My Little Princess Found in Heaven - My first blog post was about my miscarriage
Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again -  my bad health and believing for my healing
Never Say Never- Considering homeschooling my boys
I'm A Homeschool Mum! - Officially starting homeschooling
And so the homeschooling journey begins - transitioning from regular school to homeschooling
The Monkey on my Back - preparing to do battle with the monkey on my back -depression
The Battle Belongs to the Lord - In the thick of my battle with depression
I need help holding up my sword - Asking for prayer for the battle with depression.
Holding My Sword up high - continuing to battle depression
The Battle begins - coming off my anti-depressants
A not so nice Princess Warrior - being real about battling depression
Straining towards what is ahead - continuing to trust Him with my healing of depression
Humbled by the King - God using me despite my depression
I am angry! - I became angry at the enemy as I found out that my underactive thyroid was actually Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Dreams Can Come True - I was encouraged when I was getting weary on the journey to my dream of being depression-free
Practice, Practice, Practice - Reading Holly Wagner's book 'Warrior Chicks' encouraged me to keep going in my battle with depression.
The King sells our house - We bought a house BEFORE we sold our house and trusted Him to look after us. He did!

Where I'm at - Frustrated about my lack of energy levels
I'm OK really - a set back in my fight against depression
Back to Blogland - back blogging after a 3 month break and I finally overcome depression!!!
About My Father's Business - Learning about attitudes through my children
Ever Felt Like Running Away? - I wanted to run away from homeschooling, but God had other plans.
Think About Such Things - Learning to retrain my thought patterns from negative to positive
A Change of Plans - I had always wanted to have a huge women's ministry like some people I admire, but God had other plans and for now, I have to learn to be obedient to Him and serve in my family as a homeschool mum.
I am an Overcomer - I declared that I am an overcomer and since I overcame depression, I will overcome my battle with long term major fatigue
What Motherhood Has taught me - a few lessons from motherhood
It's My time to dance - enjoying dancing and living a life without depression
Not so quiet time - learning to still spend time with God amidst the noisy household of young boys
He saved me from a lion - likening my depression to a lion and realising that I could not 'tame' depression as it could turn on me at any moment. I needed God to deliver me from it.
Poison or fruit - you choose- reminding myself how powerful words are
What a difference a year makes - reflecting back over the year and seeing His fruit in my life when I committed to reading His word everyday
Replevin - Believing that God will give me back what the enemy had stolen
But I want to do what they're doing - Dealing with envy over seeing other people live the life I had wanted

So long Old Friend - Taking a break from Facebook
Come Away With Me, Fair One - Feeling exhausted I hear Him call me to find rest in Him
Not My Will But Yours Be Done - I thought I heard God tell me to send my eldest son to school
Today changes everything as we know it - My eldest goes to school
I feel like part of my heart is being ripped out - I find no peace while he is at school
A hard lesson learned - I realise that I had not heard from Him and bring him home
Meet the Warrior Family - I introduce you to the family!
I am so happy my husband moved out - I rejoice that my husband had moved the business out of my home and into a factory
Being double-minded - I realised that I was being double minded about homeschool when I made the decsion to send my son to school
Commit your plans to the Lord - trying to get organised in the home and school arenas
A love story - I share why Valentine's Day is particularly close to my heart
His gifts can never be withdrawn - Realising that I am gifted to be a homeschool mum
Honouring my friend - I honour my friend Paula
What my children taught me this week - I am amazed how much I learn from my kids
Dancing on Daddy's Toes - I shared a beautiful poem
Are we teaching our children what really matters?
Working towards a happy home - I introduce a token system for the boys
Mum, I can feel Him touching my heart too - My son feels His spirit
The Root of my Depression - I discover that the root of my depression is condemnation
Lavish gift giving - I receive favour and blessings from Him
He set me free from rejection
It's good to be 'me' again - After years of trying to be who I thought everyone else wanted me to be, I embrace who I am - the real me
Why relationship is important - on parenting
Find Me, I'll wait for you - How I complicate things with God and go back to keeping it simple
Missing My Princess - I attend a White Butterfly Project Reflection Service and learn to grieve for the baby lost to miscarriage
The Caterpillar - I see how that our homeschooling style suits us
Overcoming depression Part 1 ~ Always Winter, Never Christmas
Overcoming Depression Part 2~ Branches of unworthiness
Overcoming depression Part 3~ a tree hugger
Look at Me - I felt God saying, "Look at me! Not at yourself."
Ticking Off my Goals - I found a n old goal list and was surprised to find out that I had achieved some
Psalm 40~delivered from my depression
Finding my homeschool groove
Living in my new nature
Jesus Christ Superstar - realised when I had a brief encounter with Lisa Bevere, I treated Jesus as a superstar and not an intimate lover
Waking up from a sleep - Felt like I had a spiritual awakening
I am beautiful - I made peace with my body and declared I am beautiful just as I was
You are my hero - paid honour to my husband who stood by me through depression
I see you - Shared how I felt invisible until someone 'saw' me
And that makes me beautiful - laughed at how I was mistaken as my husband's mother and reminded myself what makes me beautiful
Embracing grief and loss - attended a White Butterfly Project Retreat and learned how to do do 'grief work' for my miscarriage, but also for the death of my father
Wild at heart - boys will be boys, and that's the way He made them
As you love yourself - Realised that I can only love others to the extent that I love myself
This is me - More self discovery of who Jo is
It's takes a village to raise a child - realised I can't raise my kids on my own and that my village is the local church
Use me - Sometimes asking God to use you can have selfish motives
I am dating again - Taking my boys out on dates
Learning to dance in the rain - Despite still struggling with fatigue I choose to dance.
I choose to enjoy my children - Yes parenting is hard, but I choose to enjoy my children
Finding the Hero within - Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - how the Great Tree at Ga'Hoole is a picture of the local church
Risk of rejection - Friendship can be a risk, as many of us have experienced rejection, but there is power in the unity of women, and worth the risk.
Taking advice from an 'expert'? Check for fruit
He loves me more than sparrows
There's something in my eye - dealing with a 'nasty' comment on my blog
I'm a real writer - I have articles published in 2  magazines
Blog Land - Where one woman learned how to fly - Reflecting on my blogging journey to date
There is no flaw in me - Discovering that my flaws are not really flaws at all
We'll meet you in Heaven Princess - reflecting on my miscarriage and the baby's due date being Dec 25
Should Christians celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree with Santa? - tired of the arguments online between Christians, I give my opinion.
Replacing seeds of lies with seeds of His truth

God is greater than our hearts - I attended the funeral of a friend that had impacted my life many years ago who committed suicide
What do I have to complain about?
You will find rest for your souls - finding rest for my soul in Him
10 years of marriage -We've only just begun
When mothers don't play nice
A Decadent Day for a Decade - how we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary
Natural disasters and unrest in nations-why is it happening and what can we do?
Why I ended my love affair with coffee
I AM amidst it all - a poem
Hot without Heels - more on beauty
Clothed by the King ~ Prov 31:25 - are you dressed properly?
Giving voice to my feelings of grief - grieving over my father's death
Goodbye Facebook - deactivating my Facebook account
Believe - encouragement to keep believing for my healing
Unplugging from social media
Oh boys......Mummy's home! - Boys and I celebrate me deactivating Facebook and me being more present in the moment
Slow down you move too fast - realising I needed to stop being so busy
The student becomes the teacher - more lessons from my sons
Counting my gifts of friendship
Winter Wedding- my brother in law gets married
His heart beating with mine - I feel God's heart
Five Books that changed who I am …
Is my dad in Heaven or hell? - On the 20th anniversary of my dad's death, I ask this question
Boy Warriors grieve over their beloved pet - my boys experience grief that death brings
Free to be authentic - I embrace the freedom authenticity brings
Normal is so boring - combating homeschooling burnout
I'm just a mother
What's in a name? - reflecting on just how powerful the words we speak to our children really are
My journey towards healing my body continues..
Psalm 103 - encouragement for the weary
Burnout - a poem
What do you get a princess warrior for her birthday?
Stop in the name of love - secrets of a stop sign

Removing expectations for my blog and just writing from the heart - cure for writer's block
He Restores My Life (and my maternal bond)
Hi. My name is Jo and I'm a social media addict
Boys and books
Is there life after deleting Facebook and Twitter?
Unleashing my creativity and inner artist
Created to be creative by a Creator
Colour Conference 2012 - Revolution of Peace: a visual summary
I will yet praise Him...even if He never heals me
I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart
We are all born to do great things
Walking out of the cage of condemnation
Lessons learned from watching a caterpillar cocoon and transform into a butterfly
White Butterfly Project Reflection Service 2012 - Sharing my story
From finding hope to giving hope - White Butterfly Reflection Service 2012
Weak made strong in the Saviour's love - why I am not using my smart phone for the month of June
His Love Never Quits!
I will unsubscribe from trying too hard to please people
There is nothing permanent except change
A whole new world
Feelings, nothing more than feelings...or what to do when your friend is going through a major life change
Choosing a school for the Boy Warriors
I've got this or You hold my world in the palm of Your Hand
First day at school after homeschool
Honeymoon is over - second week of school and reality sets in
How Beautiful Is.....Vanessa Hoyes
We can't always control our circumstances, but we can control our thoughts
Learning to rest
Spring is on it's way- the time has come to sing
Back to our regular scheduled program - homeschooling again!
Back to 'normal' for our family ~ homeschool (again) after school
How I overcame depression - in a nutshell! ~ {Dr Leaf explains how I did this!}
Goodness will shine on you like the sun with healing in its rays
How Beautiful Is Conference - Daring Greatly 2012 AND an invitation to my 40th birthday party
Jumping around like a well-fed calf - I finally find out why I have major fatigue and my body starts to heal!


  1. so sad to see you go but i am glad that i can stay connected through instagram.
    all the best on your new and exciting adventures
    God has great things install for you and your new ministry i am sure

  2. Wow! Huge decision. Enjoy all that is in your future. xx

  3. It will be sad to see you go, beautiful lady. But what an awesome journey ahead for you! Your words as you have shared your life have always encouraged me. Praying for God's richest blessings for this next step.xx

  4. Dear Jo, I am so grateful to have been able to walk with you on the tail end of your blogging journey. Thank you for the words of encouragement you posted on my blog, and thank you for your honest authenticity. It has inspired me. I feel like I'll be losing a friend, sort of, but I am so very happy to know that you're walking forward into what God has for you. All the best, my friend. Godspeed.

  5. Look how far you've come! An amazing journey Jo. I'm so glad to have met you by finding your blog, I've been encouraged and inspired by it. Thank you for your honesty and eagerness to point to Jesus in everything. All the best with your new church ventures. I'll be staying tuned in IG xx

  6. Jo! I am so excited for you--with you! Your obedience and willingness are leading to new adventures and God will reward your efforts, friend. ♥

  7. What a beautiful last post. A chapter of your story ending so a new chapter can's a wonderful thing Jo. His grace. Oh the loveliness of it. Excited for your new adventures Jo! He is going to do great things!

  8. I so understand the decision you have to make and know I will miss you. I have been inspirted by so much that you have written. Know I will still follow you on Pinterst and if you pop over to the homeschool hub world, but sure to pop in and say Hi!! You will be in my prayers as you enter your next season in life. Big Hugs!!!

  9. What a brave move! Good on you for following God's leading in your life. I will still see you around on instagram I'm sure. You'll be missed here.

  10. Will miss popping by here! Bless you Jo and thankful for all you've shared and what you have inspired.

  11. I will really really miss you Jo:( but I do understand. I hope to meet you some day in person. I'll try to look for you on twitter though I don't tweet lol!

  12. Oh, Jo! You will truly be missed in the blogging world, but it is exciting when God leads us someplace, isn't it? Thank you for your wisdom and transparency over the last several years! Maybe sometime you could still pop up a post or two sharing what God is doing in your new ministry?

    Blessings to you! I'll be praying for you and what God is going to do in this next season of your life!

    In His grip, Joan

  13. Hi Jo,

    I will miss your blog posts and the thoughts you have shared. :)
    Enjoy this new path you are embarking on. :)
    God always go before.

    In His Grace,

  14. Thank you for sharing this part of you life with us Jo. I speak love and blessing over you and all of your family. Go with God. x


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