Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How Beautiful Is Conference - Daring Greatly 2012 AND an invitation to my 40th birthday party

I have just been to the first How Beautiful Is Conference It was the best 24 hours I have had in a long long time! I feel so refreshed and inspired and so much more in love with Jesus. I loved hanging out with my friends and meeting new ones. It was so good just to pause and take time out just for me. The whole 24 hours was truly Heaven-breathed.

The conference was held on a Friday night, all day Saturday (with a few hours afternoon break) and Saturday night. And boy, do the How Beautiful Is team sure know how to celebrate! Each evening there was a party atmosphere. Friday night we were served choc-dipped strawberries with champagne and Saturday night, there was a candy bar with hot chocolate with a Bailey shot.

The speakers Vanessa Hoyes, Dr Dave Martin and Christine Martin are world class. They all had us laughing, and at times crying, as they shared their hearts and wisdom. I had never heard the Martins speak before, but by the end of the 24 hours, they had captured my heart and I am now a big fan of both. They are both warm and funny and Christine really rocks a pair of red jeans! She grew up in New York and he is (his words) from a Redneck family. Vanessa, as always, is a brilliant communicator and one of my all time favourite speakers.

I wish you could have all been there. I cannot fully describe the whole experience and atmosphere in words! We were thoroughly spoilt with a gift bag, supper, morning tea and lunch provided. The decor was stunning.


Next year the conference is in November and just so happens to fall on the weekend of my 40th birthday. (I love that they are throwing a party just for me!) I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my 40th birthday than with old friends, new friends, and friends that I am yet to meet, at 2013 How Beautiful Is Conference.

Consider this your official invitation to my 40th birthday!
I would love it if you were able to come.
The conference is being held over 1-2 November 2013 and Holly Wagner is a guest speaker.
I love how God has orchestrated this. I have always wanted to hear Holly Wagner speak ever since I read Warrior Chicks, and her book inspired me to rise up and overcome depression.

The theme for next year's conference is Talitha Koum - Maiden Arise.
Vanessa Hoyes writes on the How Beautiful Is website about the 2013 Conference:
Jesus said “She is not dead, she is sleeping….” And taking her by the hand He called to her ‘Talitha Koum’ (which is translated maiden arise). She was up in an instant and breathing again. Luke 8:52-54
‘She is not dead she is sleeping.…’ Can that be said of you and some aspect of your life? Maybe its your dreams, your desires, your physical strength, your heart, your emotions or your spirit? Could it be said of other girlfriends, sisters, mothers or colleagues in your world? It’s time to wake up and breathe again … awaken to a whole new sense of life and hope.
These words of Jesus undo me every time I read them. Something powerful, supernatural and life-altering will happen as we gather together in 2013 for How Beautiful Is – Maiden Arise.
I have invited some of the most dynamic and powerful women I have the privilege to know.  
Stay connected on the HBI journey across this year as we continue to celebrate the strength of womanhood – body, soul & spirit.
With much love, Vanessa Hoyes.

Until this Sunday, tickets are only $69 to the How Beautiful Is 2013 Conference. After that, the full price will be nearly double that.

I am grateful for everything that God did in my heart at the How Beautiful Is Conference 2012 - Daring Greatly. And I cannot wait to celebrate my 40th birthday with you at the How Beautiful Is Conference 2013 - Maiden Arise.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Wow! Sounds awesome Jo! So good to hear you sounding joyous and excited:)

    1. It was amazing Rosemary!
      And yes-I have much to celebrate. I really am living in a season of Spring xo

  2. Amazing! I can't believe Holly Wagner is going to be a guest speaker at your 40th birthday party. What a God appointed, holy annointed party. Thanks for sharing Jo, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

    1. I know! How cool is that? Love how God works it all out. I was wondering what I should do for my 40th and now I don't have to do a thing except turn up and invite you all! I really did have a wonderful time xo

  3. Hello Jo! So lovely to read how much you enjoyed this conference. I also loved reading those words by Vanessa Hoyes, they really spoke to me. How wonderful for you to look forward to another conference for your birthday...would be such fun to be there! Mel x

    1. Hi Mel! Ps Vanessa Hoyes is amazing (she blogs too at howbeauifulis.com) and I loved the words that I quoted from here too. Can't wait for my birthday and the next conference now. How awesome would it be if you could come! xo


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