Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Goodness will shine on you like the sun with healing in its rays

But for you who honor me, goodness will shine on you like the sun, with healing in its raysYou will jump around, like well-fed calves.{Mal 4:2}

I have been on a long long long journey towards my physical healing. After becoming pregnant with my first son 10 years ago, I suffered from low energy levels. When my first born son started sleeping through the night and my energy levels still didn't return, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease.  I thought that the little white pills I was taking would fix my energy levels, but they didn't. 

I went on to have 2 more sons, suffering from post-natal depression after the birth of the second son, and remaining on anti-depressants for the pregnancy, and after the birth of my third son. I overcame depression 2 years later, around my third son's 2nd birthday. 

My lack of energy has taken it's toll  not just on me, but my whole family. I could not have survived this far without the support of my best friend and husband. Even though he runs 2 businesses, over the years he has picked up the slack where my energy wouldn't allow me to go on. My husband cooks the main meal of a night time as by the afternoon, I had used up all my energy for the day, and could hardly bring myself off the couch. This has often left me guilt-ridden. My amazing husband however, has rarely complained about it, and  just accepted that's what he needs to do. He has also helped put away hundreds of baskets of laundry. I am blessed with an amazingly supportive man by my side on this journey.

Over the years, I have been to numerous GPs, nutritionists and naturopaths with no one being able to lift my energy levels to the extent that I could function normally. All these years I had been blaming my thyroid on my low energy levels. But little did I know that I had an underlying disorder left diagnosed.

Last month I felt God whisper to me that my "Spring was coming." At that stage, I had an appointment to see a new doctor. The new doctor ordered a series of blood tests and on my next appointment, discussed the results saying that she suspected that I may have a disorder that she hasn't completed her training in yet, and was referring me to another GP who was also a naturopath, who was trained in diagnosing and treating the disorder. The doctor suspected I had Pyrrole Disorder which has only recently been discovered and there are only 100 GPs in Australia trained in the disorder and how to treat it. I don't think it was a coincidence that the first available appointment with this doctor was the first day of Spring!

The results for the disorder takes weeks, so after seeing the new doctor, she was satisfied that I displayed enough symptoms to go with her intuition and start me on the supplements for Pyrrole Disorder. The first week on the new supplements were hard as I experienced nausea and migraines. This week though, I am feeling much better. Yesterday, was the first time in a decade that I felt like I had normal energy levels, and didn't need ridiculous amounts of tea to keep me going! So I suspect the supplements are working.

The other thing that the doctor wanted me to try, was to eliminate Salicylates from my diet for 7 days, and then reintroduce to see how I react. I have constant chapped lips and may have a salicylates sensitivity.  She also suggested I do the trial with the boys as some children's (and adult's) moods, and therefore their behaviour can be effected by food intolerances.

After doing a bit of googling on salicylates, I came across the Food Intolerance Website ad have decided to do the RPAH elimination diet to once and for all find out what my boys and I may or may not be sensitive to.  The school holidays coming up will be the perfect time to do this.

I remember my eldest son drawing a picture with a liquid-chalk marker under the scripture in Malachi 4:2 that I had written on my glass sliding doors, 3 years ago, when he was 6. It was a picture of me playing 'Tiggy' with his brothers and himself. Something I haven't been able to do ever with my boys. He explained me that it was a picture of me when I was healed and I had energy.

Boys, mummy IS being healed. His goodness is shining on me like the sun. And there is healing in  His rays. Soon you will see me jump around like a well-fed calf. And you better watch out! Because I was pretty good at "Tiggy" at school!

I will be able to take back some of those housework type things that you have so graciously done for me over the years, my amazing husband. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for loving me so well through sickness and health.

My Spring is coming, OUR spring is coming....soon, very soon.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Wow, that's amazing about seeing that dr on the first day of Spring and that they are able to diagnose what you have! God is so good isn't He! You've held onto Him through thick and thin. To the faithful He shows Himself faithful. So happy for you Jo!

    1. I love that my appointment was on the first day of Spring too. God is so good. He is so faithful. Thank you Rosemary xo

  2. Beautiful, wonderful news! Praising God with you!!! :)

  3. wow Jo that's incredible :) I love seeing His "co-incidences"

    Thank you too for the links. I have passed them on to someone who is struggling too.

    Blessings and hugs my bloggy friend.

  4. Oh to dream of jumping around like a well fed calf... but... ahem... I think those are long gone dreams for me.
    Tiggy... I was never good at it anyway .. but I'll enjoy watching you play :)

    1. No way Michelle!
      Don't let Gods best for you be just a dream!
      Chase it!!
      Tiggy?? I'm in!!

    2. Hmm as Jo reminded me today - perhaps I was a little too quick to settle for my lack of energy. Though tiggy will probably never be my thing... dancing with my kids is. I'll still enjoy laughing as I watch you (JO) play tiggy :)
      Praising God for the return of energy! xx

    3. So excited that your energy has returned Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to dance with you. And yes - feel free to laugh at me playing Tiggy (and singing 'Ave Maria' in my old choir mistress's voice!!) Love you xo

  5. Great news Jo. God is so good. Just like Isaiah 40:31 you will walk and not grow weary. run and not grow faint. Hope is renewed in spring, yay! So glad you have a wonderful supportive husband who will stick by you whether you are sick or well. I have one of those too :) xx

  6. I really really love that verse! And love seeing His grace working in your life!

    1. Great verse isn't it? It was a promise God gave me over 3 years ago. His grace is so amazing!! xo


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