Friday, 10 August 2012

Spring is on it's way- the time has come to sing

I took this photo at the end of Autumn and marveled at the gorgeous colours. Each season has it's own beauty. Where I live, there are a lot of evergreen trees, but occasionally you come across trees full of autumn colour. During Summer and Spring the same trees are green. During Winter, these same trees look like they are almost dead. But in Spring, new growth will appear on the seemingly dead branches, and a new season will begin.

Physically, my body feels like these trees look. I have had a long winter season of low energy and fatigue, depression, hormonal problems and insomnia. This year, I have worked with a counselor to overcome incorrect thought patterns and deep seeded hurts. I know that our mind, body and spirit is so intertwined, that when one area suffers, they all do.  

In March, I lay my poor functioning thyroid at His feet and made a decision to praise Him whether I am healed or not. Having put the boys in school in order to rest, I have had time to reacess my lifestyle, and what brought me to the point of burn out. I am making positive changes in the way things are done around here. 

As I came out of church on Sunday, I passed a tree on the way to the car that had a small green shoot growing from a seemingly dead tree. I sensed His Spirit whisper to me. 
"Just like Spring is coming in the natural, Spring is coming into your life. Spring is on its way!" 
My heart leaped with excitement. And I knew that my long winter season was coming to an end. 

I immediately thought of the scripture in Song of Songs 2:
10 My lover spoke and said to me, 
       "Get up, my darling; 
       let's go away, my beautiful one.
 11 Look, the winter is past
       the rains are over and gone.
 12 Blossoms appear through all the land. 
       The time has come to sing; 

       the cooing of doves is heard in our land.
 13 There are young figs on the fig trees, 
       and the blossoms on the vines smell sweet. 
    Get up, my darling; 
       let's go away, my beautiful one."

I felt Him saying to me that my own personal Spring was coming. I have sensed this before, when I was overcoming depression in my Spirit. In that long winter of depression, I could sense when Spring was on it's way. I wrote in a blog post on depression:
I liken it to Narnia in the book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". In my life for a season, it was always winter, never Christmas. But then Aslan (my King) was on the move and I started seeing signs of the winter melting. Until one day, He shook His mane and there was spring again. 

I am starting to see signs of my winter ending in the area of my health, after battling thyroid issues for a decade.This week I have seen a new doctor and am waiting results from blood tests. The doctor is testing me for things that other doctors over the years have failed to test me for. I also recognise that by not working within the limitations of my health, and pushing my body too far, I have hindered my own physical healing. 

It has now been 3 years since my King turned my Winter into Spring, ending my long 4 years of depression. For a while there, just like the Israelite's often did, I forgot that He performed this miracle in my life. He asks us to remember the things that He has done before, so during our Winter periods, we can hold onto the hope that He will do it again. 
There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season. {Ecclesiastes 3:1}

Spring is on it's way- the time has come to sing!

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Spring is on it's way Jo but never forget that as the seasons change from winter to spring there still is that freek winter storm in the begining of spring but that does NOT mean that you are still in winter ...

    The season IS changing.

    The buds are poking their heads through the ground.

    Jo let that hope continue to spring forth and with it will come the fruit of new life.

    Thank you so much Jo for sharing this. It is an affirmation for me too.


  2. I had goosebumps reading this!
    I love that just a few Words from our Daddy can bring such freedom!
    So glad your Spring is coming xxx

    1. It is amazing how much a few words from Him changes everything! xo

  3. Singing with you. Love that spring is near. Xx

  4. I am so glad you have found a new doctor who is looking into things more deeply! It does make a difference. Praise God for your Winter ending and Spring coming!! :)
    It sounds like the boys are settling into school much better and wonderful that your number 1 son did so well at his athletics carnival!!
    Enjoy this time of rest while your body & mind can renew themselves.

    I too am burnt out beyond what I had ever imagined. I thought my health issues were bad enough 3 years ago with the many genetic issues I had, but I was in for a real shock after my car accident. The last 3 years have been like you say - feeling like a Winter that is never ending. I do hope there is an end to it all very soon. It's draining beyond what words can express... and oh, so lonely!

    1. Prayers that your winter would come to an end too xo


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