Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Back to our regular scheduled program - homeschooling again!

Putting the boys in to school was what we had to do as a family. Our lifestyle was no longer sustainable as it was long term. It has given me the opportunity to recover from burn out. It has also allowed me to step back and see the big picture.

There has been a few issues that we have had with the school the boys have attended. One of them being that the boys have had to sneak around behind teacher's backs at break time just to see each other. After being with each other everyday for homeschooling, not seeing each other for hours has been very hard for one son in particular. I have also had to speak to one of the son's teacher about making comments about what I had written in the parent/teacher communication diary in front of the whole class. My son was very embarrassed that our personal issues in the communications diary were made public.

And don't get me started on homework.....tired children who have been learning for 6 hours should be allowed to just play after school in my opinion. There is so much pressure on young children to perform well academically. The whole school run in the morning has been very stressful and I think this sets our children up from a very young age, for the rushing and frantic lifestyle that we have all become accustomed to in our country.

Taking a step back and having a look at our family's situation, having the boys in school has done a number of things:

  • Reaffirmed that we as a family do want to continue homeschooling the boys.
  • Brought me to the realistion that I need to look after myself and get some rest on a regular basis if I am to survive homeschooling long term.
  • Confirmed my maternal instincts that one son in particular would not learn well in the traditional school environment. (The teachers have been wanting to label him as a special needs student already, which is what I predicted would happen years ago in a classroom setting. This son learns differently to other children and is not a special needs student, but an intelligent boy who will not flourish in a traditional classroom. In fact, I can already see signs of his confidence being shattered in the school setting.)
  • Taught our sons some valuable lessons including sacrifice for family, (they understood that they had to go to school to allow me time to rest), controlling our thoughts when we can't control our circumstances, and that some seasons are harder than others. (Read my son's blog post on this- here.)
The traditional school classroom clashes with my husband's and my educational philosophy. There are so many things in traditional school that we don't agree with. And because we would be hard pressed to find a school that would suit our needs, we are recommencing homeschooling again. But, this time, we are setting parameters in place to ensure that I don't crash and burn again.

These include:
  • The boys going to Family Day Care one day a week. (The family Day Care provider is studying Primary School Education and will also supervise school work.)
  • Creating a curriculum which makes the boys more independent learners.
  • Having a permanent booking for massage therapist to come weekly to our house with husband and I alternating fortnightly.
  • Not overloading myself with lots of other responsibilities outside of home.
  • Have cleaner continue to come fortnightly to do floors and bathrooms. 
  • Make time to have cups of tea with girlfriends that uplift me.
  • Make time to have more baths with scented candles.
  • Make more time to explore art and be creative.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce that this is our sons's last week of school and as of next week, I will take up my post as home educator again!

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Glad you have found a plan that works for your family. I was struggling with Jaden earlier this year in terms of rushed mornings that always ended up with yelling, afternoons full of homework resulting in meltdowns, wondering if school was really right for him??!! Then we changed to a closer school that made things easier and we have found the public school so much more relaxed in terms of homework so it is working much better for us. There is no 1 way of school that works for everyone and I think it's only home schoolers that truly appreciate that. All the best for your job starting back up next week :-)

    1. Exactly! There is no one way of school and each family needs to find what works for them. I am so glad changing schools worked for you. xo

  2. Doing what is best for your family is always of paramount importance. I'm glad you have discovered what works for you and had the time to determine a plan of action in order to do what's best for you and your family.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jo. :)

    1. Thanks Liz. Yes. I agree it is so important. Thanks for your prayers lovely xo

  3. Hooray for you!
    would love to hear about your new more independant style and curriculm choices!


    1. Hooray indeed! Kerrie, the independent work would only work when you have confident readers. My boys are a smidge older than yours. Hang in there xo

  4. Oh Jo my heart lept for joy when I read the title of this post in my feed reader and just had to pop on over to read. I'm looking forward to your upcoming journals of your new journey.

    PS Jo have you read The Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola ?

    1. Thanks for celebrating with me Chareen! I think I read that book a few years ago.

  5. Good for you Jo-Anne Marie P :) (Took me a while to realise who you were when I saw your comment on my blog post today lol)
    I am so glad you've had time to think and plan for what you need to do to homeschool your warrior boys again:)
    I have had a hectic term 3 and am thinking of cutting back some of my outside commitments (not homeschool related) to ensure I have enough head space and energy to h/s for the long haul.
    I think we all need regular assessments of what's working and not working so we stay "fresh and green":)

    1. Heh heh! I like to shake things up a bit. Time for a name change. ;)
      Yes. We do need to make regular assessments don't we?

  6. Best wishes on your return to homeschooling!

  7. Best wishes Girl in your decision to bring your kids home again. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sometimes it takes the trials of our decisions for us to realize that God has different plans for us. I am so glad though you were able to get rested up before bringing your boys home again.

  8. Cups of tea always flow here ... just hope I can continue to uplift.
    Welcome back to the ... other side...

    1. Just being around you is a breath of fresh air Michelle. I love our cuppas together. And I am so looking forward to being back! xo

  9. Just found your blog through instagram. Praying for you. It works for our family too. I get tired, tweak things often but know that I know this is the lifestyle God has for us!


  10. My daughter found that some teachers wanted to control some aspects of homelife as well as school time...she home schooled. My hat if off to any parent that chooses that route.

    Just checking back for any new posts you may have written.
    I’ve been a follower on your blog for a while now (12 pages back on your follow wedgit) and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

  11. Congratulations, Jo. I am happy for you and love seeing your smiling face in all those pictures.

    And thank you for your encouraging words on Twitter last night. You are a true friend and sister in Christ. It's been a joy knowing you online for the past two years.


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