Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Back to 'normal' for our family ~ homeschool (again) after school

The boys have been so amazing going to school when they really wanted to be at home.  They understood that this was what we had to do for a time, so that I could recover from burnout.

They were so excited the morning of their final day in school. That afternoon when school was finished, we celebrated with a slurpee...
....and cupcakes. Gluten Free of course!

Everything just feels right again in our family. The time the boys were in school has given every member of our family the necessary shake up we all needed in order to move forward.

I have altered our curriculum slightly to enable the two older boys to be more independent learners. With the help of a friend's expertise, I have spread the work load over a term, and then broken it up into weeks. I have also written a weekly timetable to spread the workload over 5 days - 3 'heavy' days and 2 'light' days.

We love not having to rush out of the house in the morning and we can linger with morning cuddles if we choose to. The whole atmosphere in our home has changed from stressed to relaxed.

Our first day back at homeschool couldn't have gone better. I have been talking to the boys a lot about how we all have to work together as a team if we want to homeschool. I have told them that one of their roles in the family team is to do the required school work without complaining. 

The first day was one of the 'heavy' days. The boys all worked very hard and finished their required school work in under 2 hours. Courageous Boy Warrior (Mr7) remarked, "I don't know why I used to complain so much about doing our school work when we homeschooled before. It's not really that much to do." He now knows how good he has it being educated at home!

All 3 boys went to the Family Day Care Provider today for the first time. Their school work was packed up into their suitcases that they have used for holidays. They are the perfect size for books and folders and the wheels make them easy to transport. There is also enough room for a lunch box.  I have decided to permanently store their school work in them. That way they are free to take their school work to any room in the house, or any other location. Homeschool on wheels!

While they were at Family Day Care, I treated myself to a brunch at a coffee shop. 

And purchased a scented soy candle which I lit when I got home and enjoyed the fragrance while I cleaned up the kitchen.

I am getting pretty good at this resting thing......
I know it's essential if we are going to flourish as a family in our homeschooling journey.
Like my husband says, "Happy wife, happy life!"
Smart guy.

While I was reading His Word today I gasped as I read Psalm 45. It was one of those moments when His Spirit was communing with my spirit. It was a word straight form Heaven to my heart and gave me such a strong conviction that in the season I am in, I am to focus on my role as wife and mother. I am to adore my husband as he is wild for me and set my mind on my sons! There you have it - my mission for this season.

I picked up the boys from Family Day Care this afternoon and the boys had all finished their required school work. They reassured me that they had a great day. One son said, "There is only one thing wrong with [Family Day Care Provider's name] - there is nothing wrong with her!" (He's such a kidder.) I was so pleased that the boys were happy there. God worked it all out for us. He's good like that!

This time around homeschooling feels different. It feels fresh. After having a temporary break, and feeling very refreshed with a new perspective, I am looking forward to stepping back into homeschooling. 

For our family it just feels normal.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. I love reading how you are dealing with homeschool in REAL life. I grew up a homeschool kid and always thought I'd do the same as a mom, but now I'm wondering if I'll be able to do that or not. And you give me hope and peace that God will give grace either way.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Just because you were homeschooled doesn't mean it is right for your family. Yes! God gives you grace either way. You will never hear me say (or write) that homeschooling is the only way. Every family is different and so needs to do what is right for them.

  2. WOW, the boys certainly look happy about that! Praise God for HIs faithfulness through all our days. xxx

  3. Oh Girl!! This is just wonderful news!!! :)
    I am so happy to hear that everything is so much better now!!

  4. Don't know what happened to my comment :( I'm sure I dropped by the other day and posted a comment, boohoo!
    Let me see if I remember what I wrote...
    "The look on the boys face in the first pic says it all! yay for you, yay for your family!"
    I think that was it lol! Good on you Jo!

    1. Awh! Thanks for coming back and re-commenting. Silly blogger! Sometimes it does that with commnents?!

      Yes, the look on the boy's faces does say it all. xo

  5. Glad that you are sounding so happy x

  6. I'm so glad to hear that things are going well. I don't read you often but I have been thinking about you since I read the boys were going to school for a while.
    I have been feeling a little burnt out lately. I moved from ACE to other books and I am trying to pace myself, (well maybe that should be 'un-pace' myself - ha!).
    I love the idea of three heavy days and 2 light days...I might try and do that myself :)

  7. Hi Jo,

    Late to this part of your journey. I have put 2 of my boys in school this year. They are doing okay but it certainly was a struggle for me to come to terms with in the beginning. I at last had some peace with it and am moving forward. I will be glad to have them home again at the end of the year if all goes to plan.

    I was wondering though how you found a family daycare provider who was willing to take older than normal children. I would love that option for a one day or half day break to just get my head together without all the little interruptions.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW


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