Sunday, 10 June 2012

His Love Never Quits!

After stuffing up again with allowing social media take over my life, instead of picking up my smart phone, I have been picking up my bible. Simple, I know! But yet so effective. I have been a follower of Christ for 19 years and I know that His Word is life changing and as essential to my survival as the air I breathe. And yet I neglect this gift I have. The gift of being able to read the God-Inspired scriptures and allow His Spirit to breathe life in to the words, and therefore into my heart.

I picked up one of the boys botany books. You know the ones with lines on one side and a plain page on the other. As I read the bible I am taking notes as ideas and thoughts that come to me. On the blank side I am doodling, drawing and letting my creative side of my brain take over.
The great thing about a God who loves me as I am, in my messy state, is that when I stuff up (and this happens often), I  don't have to earn His love back. I don't have to do anything, because His love never quits!

I want to drink God, 
      deep draughts of God. 
   I'm thirsty for God-alive. 
   I wonder, "Will I ever make it— 
      arrive and drink in God's presence? 

God promises to love me all day, 
      sing songs all through the night! 
      My life is God's prayer. 
{Psalm 42}

Just focussing on how much He loves me puts my soul at ease and my spirit soars. That is the beauty of His grace.

Thank God because he's good, because his love never quits

{Psalm 118}

Gone is the condemnation that I put myself under over the last week for being such a loser and moron(as I told myself over and over). And in it's place is a sense that His love never quits!

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. I know what you mean Jo.

    I have been reading about Ahab in the word this week and have been astounded just how many times God did good to this evil king just to show Himself the Lord of Israel and to reveal Himself. Not only for this King but all of Israel.

    Keep walking in His gracey and mercy you are loved and blessed by your Heavenly Father.

    1. I know. It is amazing how God still blesses us even when we don't deserve it. I am so in awe of His love for me and His grace. xo

  2. What a testimony. You inspired me today. God bless you as you seek him with all your heart, and then remind those our here who seem to get all caught up in life-- losing sight of Him, just how much we are missing out on. I will be faithful to do the same.

    1. Thank you Pam for your encouagement.
      It is so easy to get caught up and lose sight of Him isn't it?


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