Tuesday, 17 April 2012

We are all born to do great things

We are bombarded with inspirational quotes on social media and in books.
We line up to hear speakers who have done amazing things.
We pour over blogs with happy, shiny pictures and words.
We marvel at how one person can make a difference.
We are told we can do anything we want if we set our mind to it.

And then we look at our own lives - ordinary, mundane, boring in comparison.
There are dishes to be done, clothes to be washed, children to tend to. And we find ourselves dreaming of doing 'great things' like those that inspire us.

We find ourselves feeling insignificant in comparison.

The problem is our definition of 'great things'.
We define in our minds that doing 'great things' means making a difference to hundreds of lives. 

But what if we redefined 'great things' to mean just being YOU?
What if we no longer had to strive to do 'great things'?
What if you already are doing 'great things', you just don't know it yet?

What if doing 'great things' was right where God has you now?
What if your doing 'great things' was working at that job Monday to Friday faithfully with a good attitude?
What if your doing 'great things' was being a full time mum?
What if your doing 'great things' was sponsoring a child?
What if your doing 'great things' was smiling at the girl scanning your groceries at the supermarket?

What if your 'great things' was part of a bigger plan, His plan that we may not fully understand this side of Eternity? 

This weekend when I was worshiping in church, and feeling rather like what I am doing right now is not really doing 'great things', He whispered to me.

"My daughter, remember the last Sunday when you were at the church you attended, before you moved to the town where you live now? Remember that man came up to you? He said to you, "I wanted to tell you that when my family and I were looking for a church to call 'home', we came to this church and saw you worship. My wife and I saw you worship with such freedom and authenticity. We said to each other, 'That's the kind of church we want to be part of. ' I just wanted you to know." Remember that Princess? You changed a family's life just by being YOU. "
Holy Spirit was reminding me that I am doing 'great things' just by being myself.

After the service I was chatting with a friend who I hadn't seen in a while. She was thanking me for giving her the nudge to be brave enough to start a blog and to homeschool. I was blown away. Again, here was another example of me just being myself and sharing my passion for blogging and homeschooling, and I had inspired someone to do both. Maybe, just maybe, her blog will reach out to someone that may need to be encouraged by her words- her 'great things.'

As I watched the The Passion of The Christ on Good Friday with my husband, I was struck by Simon who was a man just going about his business. He was a passer by, who the guards forced to carry Jesus' cross.
A certain man from Cyrene, Simon, the father of Alexander and Rufus, was passing by on his way in from the country, and they forced him to carry the cross.
I bet he had no idea when he woke up that morning that he would be carrying the cross for the Messiah. But by just being himself, God used Him. Paul greeted his son Rufus in the letter to the Romans, and Simon's wife, whom Paul said had been like a mother to him. By passing by and going about his everyday life, Simon changed the course of his whole family.

I wonder how many times we have done 'great things' just by doing seemingly insignificant ordinary things?
I wonder how many people will come up to us in Heaven and say, "Remember the day..." and tell us how an ordinary act changed the course of someone's life.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to read right now. My eyes are filled with tears as I have been struggling with this for so long. I see friends on overseas mission and other people juggling work/church/family life and I wonder - what is my thing? Is this all I am meant to be/do? Thanks so much for this. There's a lot of food for thought in this post.xx

    1. Deb, let me just say that I am humbled that by me sharing my thoughts today turned out to be a 'great thing' as it encouraged you.

      Coincidentally (or perhaps in His timing) I read your latest blog post, but for some reason your blog wouldn't let me leave a comment. As I read your blog I thought, "wow! Deb really has a unique voice on her blog and has a great way of expressing herself. I am sure that so many mothers are encouraged by her blog."

      Deb, your blog is your 'great thing' as is being a mother and wife and friend.

      I too struggle at times with what my thing is and what I am meant to do. Maybe we are both doing our thing now? xoxo

  2. Beautiful thoughts... and something we would all do well to remember.

    1. Thanks Leigha Elizabeth (what a pretty name!). I would do well to remember too xo

  3. Brilliant. We all need to know the great things are where God has us right now. Thank you for the refocus, and the significance of the small things.

    1. Thanks Bek. Glad you were able to refocus...as was I! xo

  4. GREAT post Jo! In my workplace, some may look down on me for being "just" an admin worker & having no desire to climb the career ladder. I may be "just" an admin worker but I can be a GREAT admin worker! (Besides, being an admin worker leaves me more time for writing, editing Footprints, blogging etc which is what I feel God has called me to do ...)

    1. Exactly Janet! And by the way...you are doing 'great things' with your Footprints Magazine. xo

  5. Hi Jo,

    I too have found that life in the ordinary and mundane is usually where great things happen - and often we don't realise it, or at least never learn of it unless in hindsight.

    Not that long ago I read a biography of Elisabeth Elliot. In her mission work she comments how she struggled with the reality that so much of her time was taken up with mundane tasks like collecting water, meal preparation and washing. Daily chores, that were so time consuming when she longed to be out working with those she came to share the gospel with - teaching, sharing the gospel, helping and learning the language. In the end, she worked out how the mundane daily chores were an important part of her 'greater things'.

    1. Wow! I love that Amy. Thank you for sharing about Elisabeth Elliot. xo

  6. *Sigh* Thank you. You did 'great things' just by sharing that with a weary soul, I assure you... God's idea of great things and my idea of great things tend to look so different...

  7. Oh so true! I've had issues with hearing that phrase thrown around......what "great" means to God is so different to what we think !
    I often say that we are going to be in for some big surprises when we get to heaven.......all those seemingly insignificant people that we may not have ever seen or heard of receiving the highest accolades /rewards from Jesus:)

  8. Oh Jo, I needed you today, thank you for speaking into my life right where I needed to hear it. I've been wearing myself out trying to "be great". And you've reminded me that all i need to do is "be me" because guided by Him, I *am* great, just as He made me.<3 Bless you!

    1. Me too! This is why I wrote this post. I needed the reminder.
      Just.Be.YOU! xo

  9. great post. i am reminded of some great words from the book sun stand still...
    you don't have to settle for the mundane
    you can participate in the miraculous
    God has a mind blowing plan for your life and even your everyday activities can take on exceptional meaning and have a massive impact.

    everyday activities can still have a positive impact:)

    1. Thanks meek! Mrs Clark Jnr has recommnded that book Sun Stand Still to me too. I may just have to check it out. xo


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