Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Is there life after deleting Facebook and Twitter?

Can I survive in this digital age without Facebook and Twitter?
Am I so lonely and isolated that I cannot bear to go on?
Am I missing out?


In fact, life couldn't be better..

What has changed since I quit  Facebook and Twitter?
I'm glad you asked...

For one thing, I feel free...
from the voices, the static, the noise and the endless chatter...
from the pressure of keeping up...
from the expectations from others and myself...
from striving.

Another by-product of quitting is that I feel my attention span benefiting. When I was on social media, I found it difficult to concentrate. I was constantly distracted. Now I feel I can focus on tasks better.

I am more productive.
I am more present in the moment.
I know my husband has remarked that I am in a much better mood in the evenings.
Normally I am tired and cranky.

So how on earth do I keep in contact with people if I'm not on social media?
I follow people's blogs..
I email..
I send text messages..
I phone people...
I use apps on my phone like Heytell and Whatsapp...
and my favourite- face to face encounters.
And as a result, my relationships and friendships have deepened.

Instead of spreading myself thin and trying to maintain relationships with hundreds of people, I maintain relationships and friendships with dozens. And I am OK with that.

Jesus loved everybody He came in contact with when He walked this earth. But He only maintained deep friendships with a dozen men in the last 3 years of His life on earth. And those strong relationships were enough to change the world when He left this earth.

I am enjoying strengthening relationships.

It has been interesting who has kept in contact with me since I quit social media. I have been blessed with emails, e-cards, text messages, Heytell and Whatsapp messages and people leaving comments on my blog. I cherish the fact that these people have had to make an inconvenient effort to stay in contact me because I am not on social media. I am more aware now that I need to make more of an effort to stay in contact with people, and because it is a sacrifice and inconvenient, it works towards strengthening my relationships.

I had  a really nice moment when I hadn't seen a friend for a week, and we were able to share and find out what we had both been up to. And there was never a 'oh yes, I saw that on Facebook' comment. That felt really good.

So do I miss social media?
A little bit..
But what I have gained form quitting makes it all worthwhile.
My soul is more at rest.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Hi Jo, I have just come across your blog last week and have already gone through quite a few of your posts! Including your facebook thoughts. I never really considered quitting facebook, even though I can definitely see myself in much of the descriptions above, and often find myself sitting down to check 'just for a couple of minutes' and then going from page to page and being there for much longer. When I think about it I realise, like you, I can actually keep in contact with family and friends in other leaving facebook is becoming a much more frequent thought process and I think I may also take the step one day soon. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and also how you've found it since. It IS a great way to keep in touch, but that constant checking and being absent when my girls are playing...I don't think it's worth it.

    1. Hi Remaliah *waving* and welcome to my journey. I am so glad you are here! You've already gone through a few of my posts? Well, I guess I better pop on over to your blog and get to know you too.

      Ugh! The constant checking of FB - yep! That was me and I was so absent around my boys...there, but not really there. I do know what you mean.

  2. Hi Jo! I love that you mentioned that some friends have had to make the "inconvenient effort" to keep in contact with you. Friendship isn't always isn't always easy. And, it shouldn't be about that, should it? Friendship is sacrifice and putting others before ourselves. But the extra effort we put into relationships is so worth it, isn't it? I love the priorities that you've set! You are a wonderful example of following God's leading in all you do...including unplugging from the social media platforms that were sucking you dry. Awesome! I know God will bless you in this! Just look at the smile on that little tiger's face! =) Blessings!

    1. Joan, you know, I would really love to sit down with you over coffee one day. I really would. Thank you once again for your encouragement. (And how cute is my Tiger??)

      You are right. Friendship isn't always convenient or easy. It is about sacrifice and putting others first.

    2. I would love that, too, Jo! If I ever come to Australia...or if you ever come to the States...let's be sure to let each other know! You are always a blessing to me!

  3. Congrats! I don't do Twitter but have been a Facebook addict since 2009 (and was a MySpace addict when that was the "big thing" before). I have said myself that FB is the "lazy" way of keeping up with people instead of actually taking the time to connect with them (in between work, homelife, and three young children I just don't have time to cultivate friendships anymore).

    1. I think FB is the lazy way to keep in touch too. It is so hard to cultivate friendships when we live such busy lives, I hear you - but so worth it. xo

  4. Hey Girl,
    I know for me I have missed you on facebook, but will continue to follow your blog as I did when I wasn't on facebook. I am so happy that you have found such comfort in not being online with the social media craze. I was just asking my husband the other day how it was that people would have hundreds of friends on fb, but yet you can only really be close and follow a few. So when you mentioned that you were able to depend friendships without fb or twitter I could totally agree. Although I am on fb, I am a firm believer in keeping in touch with people who are close to me the old fashion/modern way of phone calls, together time, and yes the new methods of email and texting.
    Please know I will continue to follow you here because you share such encouraging thoughts with us. Your openess and graceful heart is something I thank God for. Although we may never meet in person on this earth, I rejoice in the day we will be forever friends in Heaven. Big Hugs!

    1. I am so glad that you know how to strengthen and deepen friendships other than on social media. And thank you for your always kind words xo

  5. Though I do miss you in social media... I'm glad we still get to hang out several times a week. Xx

    1. I miss you too on social media and am so glad we get to hang out so much xo

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks for the cheerleading Janet. I do have a cute tiger don't I?

  7. I agree that it's so easy to spend too much time on FB! I use it and blogs to read while I'm feeding my baby and some days it's so hard to tear myself away once she's all done, sigh!
    I'm not quite ready to ditch it altogether, but I am limiting my time on the computer as a rule and I do feel better for it.
    I have made a decision (NY's resolution) to invite friends to my home for a cuppa once a week, and that is wonderful fun!

    1. I used to read blogs etc while I was feeding babies too.

      I love your NY resolution. What a great idea.

  8. Love the little tiger ... and you. I can't wait for Saturday! You get to see me, and my Daisy Girl! xo

    1. I love the little tiger too!! Yes! Bring on Saturday when we get to hang out and do art and stuff child free. So rare. xo

  9. It is so great to follow along with your post-Facebook (and post-twitter) experience! I am paying particular attention since the Lord convicted me about a lot of things when I read your first Facebook sabbatical post. I haven't taken time to seriously consider "cutting the cord" but I am inspired to set more limits for myself about how often I check and getting a lot more disciplined in my tech time. So wonderful to hear how the Lord has blessed you in this.

    1. Thanks Tracey. So glad you have found what works for you with social media. xo

  10. Ha! I have yet to get connected via Facebook and Twitter. I can't even keep up with calls and emails. I would be immediately overwhelmed. I enjoy my internet blackouts when I'm up at my cabin with no phone or internet connections. Let's see what develops in your life!

    1. Thank you Galen! I think you are very wise to not have joined FB or Twitter. xo

  11. Hi Jo,
    Do you suppose heytell reaches from US to Australia? ;)
    I am not on social networking as much as I used to be either. Because of having my hands in so many other things. But occasionally I get a chance to visit my blogging neighbors (the ones on my sidebar)...I am trying to blog more.

    Your tiger is darling!
    <3 Kathy

    1. Hello there Kathy!! Love that you are living life instead of wasting time on social network sites. Ha ha.

      My tiger is darling isn't he? xoxoxoxo


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