Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What do you get a princess warrior for her birthday?

If you are wondering what to get a princess warrior for her birthday, than here is your answer: a sword!

Yes, this is what my husband Mighty Prince Warrior gave me as a birthday present this year. And if you give a princess warrior a sword, you need a place to put it right? How about here....

.....on a life size blog banner!

Funny thing was, I was questioning whether or not I should continue blogging the very day I received this as a present. You know those times when you are looking for a sign from God? Do you think this sign is big enough?

Mighty Prince Warrior had been secretly working on this for 2 months and put it all together himself. I was so surprised when I came home to find it hanging at the top of my stair case, that all I could of was laugh! It was so surreal.

The sword is a replica of King Solomon's sword.

I have wanted a sword for so long now....and now I have one!

The sword is removable and I have been having fun playing with it. (The sword is really heavy.) I have been 'fighting' imaginary opponents like 'Hashimoto's Disease' and 'Adrenal Fatigue'. I have been knighting my husband and boy warriors. All the boys have had a turn of it and they think it is the best present ever.

 I love so many things about this present. I love firstly that my husband put so much thought, time effort and love into this present. It was literally tailor made for me. It made me feel so special.

I also love that there is now a physical constant reminder on my wall that I am a a princess warrior, and that I  am learning to live in the unforced rhythms of His Grace. I sometimes forget that....

Another thing I love about this present is the timing of it. I have been going through a difficult few months filled with burnout, discouragement, frustration and dismay. I actually said to a friend a few weeks ago in a sms, "I feel like I have dropped my sword." I love that God knew that the timing of me receiving this gift would coincide with a battle going on within me.

I feel reinvigorated to pick up my sword again and fight the beasts of burnout, discouragement, frustration, dismay and bad health. Not this sword, but the sword that is the Word of God. Having felt defeated lately in a few areas, I am encouraged to rise up again and keep on fighting whatever is standing in the way of living the life that He has destined me to live.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. What a wonderful husband you have. I love your sword! You brought a tear to my eye with this post. We have a sword, we bought it in Niger, West Africa when we were there for a year. I too love our sword!

  2. Happy birthday Jo! I love your sword! You look so awesome in your red dress wielding it about like a true princess warrior! Go fight those negative feelings girl! So glad you are going to keep blogging too! Mel xx

  3. A seriously amazing present (happy birthday!!). Love how significant this gift has been in your life right now. xoxo

  4. Love 'God-incidences'. He is good. Happy Birthday

  5. God never ceases to amaze me with His timing of things! What an awesome present (& hubby for making it!) Glad to hear you'll still be blogging. Praying that you will fight these 'beasts of burnout' with God's strength. (Red suits you!)

  6. Happy birthday beautiful Jo! You look amazing in your lovely red dress accompanied with your sword. You are very blessed! Praise our God for He is so faithful! xxx

  7. Happy Birthday Jo.

    What an amazing present. Wow. May you continue to walk in the light of His love and may He continue to carry you on the wings of prayer, May you continue to be the warrior servant you are and may His had of strength rise you up on wings of eagles daily.

    Thank you for leading the troups in His name and carrying this token of His honour and courage for us all.

    May this year be a year of uncountable blessings

  8. Wow that is so amazing and I love how God's timing is always perfect. So much thought from your hubby, it's beautiful. Happy birthday. This year seems to have been a tough one for many of us, I need to find my sword again too, it's been shelved for a while now while I just 'get through the day'.

  9. BEST. PRESENT. EVER!!!! If there was an award for present giving, your hubby would win it (although mine would be a close second LOL). So personal. So special. So amazing!!! I love it!!!

  10. Great present!!! And I really like your thoughts about it.

  11. And it is so ever so much more AWESOME in real life.. wow!
    Use that sword woman... fight that battles!

  12. What an incredible birthday present! I love hearing how the Lord used this in your life and worked through your husband in this way. Such a powerful testimony of the ongoing work of our loving Father!

  13. I am sorry that I am so late in sending you love and hugs for your birthday.

    Oh my! So jealous of your real life blog banner!

    But so happy for you and your family.


  14. so sorry to have missed this until today, happy belated birthday! wow, what an amazing b/d present! and ditto to all the others, you look great in your red dress wielding your sword:)

  15. What an amazing birthday present. God and His timing is always so good. You look fab with your beautiful red dress - very lady like even with a sword.

  16. Happy Be-lated Birthday Jo Princess Warrior!!
    What an amazing present and the thought that your Prince Warrior put into this. WOW!!!!
    God is your strength in your time of need. I am so blessed by your writings and am equailly happy to hear that you will continue. My heart sunk for a moment when I read you were thinking of not blogging anymore.
    You encourage me and have inspired me in so many different ways. God is using you daily (even when you don't know it).
    It is easy to fall into discouragement. I have been there for several months myself, but know that those are the times God is carrying us in his arms. When we are strong enough to walk on our own again he holds our hands again.
    You are touching lives everywhere. You have touched mine on many levels.
    Big Hugs!!!


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