Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Stop in the name of love ~ I'm looking for guest posts while I have a break

{Thanks to me, you will have this song stuck in
your head all day're welcome!}
Lately I have been feeling in my spirit to stop.

Stop worrying...
Stop rushing around...
Stop striving....
Stop the unrealistic expectations of myself...
Stop looking for approval from others...
Stop, just stop!

I thought the stop sign was telling me to

Stop homeschooling...
Stop blogging...

But that was the burnout talking...

As I leaned into Him and entrusted my inner struggle to two friends that I can trust with my heart, it has become clear today that I just need to lay my writing down for a little while. Just so I can get some rest, rejuvenate, relax and refresh my body, mind and  spirit.

When I was looking for images of stop signs, I discovered this:

One of the most curious facts I've unearthed in my research is this: For the past 2,000 years, Stop Signs, regardless of the country of origin, have always been octagonal.
Apparently, each side of this iconic 8-sided, cross-cultural symbol of hoped-for stillness, has been imbued with a secret teaching of great import:
1. Slow down
2. Pay attention
3. Look around
4. Pause
5. Look within
6. Breathe deeply
7. Appreciate
8. Move consciously
And so... the next time you see a Stop Sign, you may want to remember that you are in the act of receiving a very ancient message -- one that preceded Starbucks, Twitter, YouTube, MTV, and email by thousands of years. Mitch Ditkoff

So here is what I am going to do between now and over the summer....

Share book reviews...
Share old posts....
(and here is where YOU come in)
Share guest posts....

If you would like me to feature a post on my blog over the next few months, please email me at joprincesswarrior{AT} (replace {AT} with @). There are so many of you in the blogging community that encourage me and bless me with your own blogs. I would love to feature is your official invitaion!

What type of posts am I looking for? Posts on

Beauty (in the biblical sense)
Grief and loss (miscarriage, death)
His Love

but I am open to anything really, as long as it is encouraging and is faith-filled.

It can be an old post or a new one. I would love to use the opportunity to show the blogging community my amazing friends that I have made on my blogging journey.

So, who's in?

Can't wait to show you all off!

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Well Jo, seeing as you so kindly have been writing for me at Footprints magazine, I might just have to return the favour! Hmmm ... thinking ....

  2. Hope you have a nice break with God. I hear you on the striving to please others - blogland is what this is all about. I am learning to find my own pace too, hence a new blog and a fresh start. I know I will still find hope, peace and God from your blog. Relax in Him xx

  3. Hi Jo, well I never knew that about stop signs! I will never look at one the same again. :) What a great piece of trivia. I hope you have a lovely break and come back feeling refreshed and restored - in body and in spirit. Your blog is such a source of encouragement...don't stay away too long! Um..will give some thought to your invitation. Sending you some love, Mel x

  4. I would like to have got me thinking now :)

  5. Hi Jo, I pray God refreshes your spirit during your break. Thinking of you. xx

  6. Interesting info about stop signs and their octagonal shape! I'm going to write down the 8 great reasons to stop!

    Praying for rest and rejuvenation for you!

    Blessings, Joan

  7. Sometimes God says, "Stop"...I'm so glad you're game! Enjoy the time away.


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