Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What's in a name? - reflecting on just how powerful the words we speak to our children really are

When I first started Princess Warrior Lessons I took time to put some thought into what I would call my son's online. I knew that He had whispered the name Jo Princess Warrior into my spirit when I began, and I wanted names to reflect each of them personally. I call the boys their online names in my home at times to encourage them. Their eyes light up and a smile spreads across their face when I do.

My eldest son is a natural born leader in our family. I decided to call him Leader Boy Warrior. Since naming him this, I have seen that he is a natural leader amongst his friends, soccer team mates and peers. He is a leader in our home, so much so that he tries to parent his two younger brothers. At these times I like to remind him that Mum and Dad are doing a great job parenting, and we don't need a third parent. I am finding ways to encourage his natural leadership skills within our home.

My second born son was a clingy child who never left my side until he was about 4 years of age. People would say, "oh he's shy", and I was aware that if this was spoken to him all his life, then he may use it as an excuse. I decided to call him Courageous Boy Warrior. I knew that it would take courage for him to overcome his natural shyness. I never referred to him as shy. An amazing transformation has taken place over the last 2 years. My naturally shy boy has turned into a confident 6 year old. 

My youngest son was not even one when I started to blog. His nickname was Cookie since birth, so I named him Cookie Boy Warrior. When he turned 3, I decided to rename him, as I realised that although 'Cookie" is cute as a baby and as a toddler, it wouldn't suit a growing boy. So I called him Fearless Boy Warrior. 

I believe that our words are so powerful. The Word of God contains many verses that refer to the tongue and  just how powerful our words are. Because my boys have heard me call them these warrior names daily, I see them becoming their names. When He first breathed the name Jo Princess Warrior into my spirit I felt like neither a princess or a warrior. But over time, I have grown into my name. Fearless Boy Warrior has done the same.

8 weeks ago, Fearless Boy Warrior was twirling around, lost balance and cut his head on the corner of a wall. There was blood everywhere, and when we were able to stop the bleeding and examine the wound, we discovered he had a gash on his head that would require sutures. By the time we saw the doctor, it was his bedtime and Fearless Boy Warrior was asleep. He sat in my lap, while the doctor sewed his wound together. He received 3 stitches. I thanked God that he was sleeping and stirred only a little during the procedure. He was naturally groggy enough that he dozed off to sleep again. 

Yesterday, he ran up the stairs to try to keep up with Leader Boy Warrior and ran straight into the corner of a bookcase. It was like a deja vu - blood everywhere again. I examined the wound again, this looked double the size of the last wound and looked like it would require sutures again. The difference this time was that it was not his bedtime, it was in the afternoon, and he probably wouldn't sleep through the procedure.

The doctor was amazing and talked to Fearless Boy Warrior, explaining exactly what he was going to do. The doctor told him that it would sting and he would need to hold really still and hold Mummy's hands. Fearless Boy Warrior nodded and grabbed my hands. I tried to look as brave as I could, but knowing what lay ahead for him, I braced myself for the worst. I envisioned him screaming when the doctor applied the anesthetic to numb the wound. He squeezed my hands, the doctor applied the anesthetic, and I kid you not, he didn't move his head an inch. He closed his eyes tight and held onto my hands. I stood there in awe of my 4 year old son. Again and again as the anesthetic went into his wound he remained still. I couldn't believe it.  This boy really was fearless. And he remained still as the doctor gave him 5 stitches. For his bravery, I told him he could have any dinner he wanted, so we had pizza.

As I reflect on how the boys have grown into their names, I am reminded just how powerful words are. 

Words kill, words give life; they are either poison or fruit - you choose!

Proverbs 18:21
What will you choose to do with your words?

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Loved reading the meaning behind the names. Yes i agree that it's so powerful what you speak over the lives of others and your own of course. They do become the things you speak over them. Every night i would say To Mark, are you beautiful? Are you clever? Are you special? Are you mummy's special boy? He would say yes, yes, yes and yes. He's now 15 and is everyone of those things. "Life and death in the tongue".

  2. I loved your story about the names. I named my children so carefully, like giving my daughter adoped from China a middle name that means "peaceful" in Chinese. That has turned out to be the family joke since she is anything BUT peaceful!! Oh, well!

    On another note, I remember getting stitches in my head when I was three. The doctor was so nice and I was very calm because of his soothing words. It makes a difference!

  3. You are so right. Words are powerful. They have strength to heal or to hurt. What a wonderful testimony you shared at how loving, encouraging words/names are helping to shape your boys into the men that God wants them to become!

    Blessings, Joan

  4. Great post. I agree with you that the words we say can either speak life or death. Your post is a great reminder to be careful what we say!!
    Blessings to you...Chelle

  5. Words can caress and encourage but words can destroy. It is soooo important to be mindful when we speak. This reminds me of an old poem.

  6. Great post --- and love the family pictures of the boys! I want all my words to be fruit sweet and tasty -- good fruit -- not rotten fruit.... to encourage and build up the body of Christ!

    Thanks for the reminder today!

    JOY, Stephanie

  7. Great post and a great subject very close to my heart:)
    Loved hearing the reasons why you gave your sons those names:)
    Courageous boy warrior is much like my dd - shy and clingy but I refused to keep saying she was 'shy' for the same reasons you did and guess what, she has blossomed into a confident 7 year old that people who knew her back then are always commenting on the change in her! (I believe it is part of her wiring, the way God made her - to be more introverted and a deep thinker but she definitely is much more confident now than she ever was!)

  8. What a lovely post... I really enjoyed reading about how positive you are towards your boys. Great stuff! :)<3


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