Thursday, 27 October 2011

Burnout - a poem

{Psalm 31:14-15}


Pressure from every side
I feel it rise
bubbling up on the inside

Expectations from every side
I feel weighed down 
from what others demand

Standards too high to reach
dwarf me and
I feel like I have failed

Love pure unconditional love
doesn't pressure me
doesn't expect anything
never makes me feel small

God is love
His unending love sustains me
and I can get through another day

by Jo-Anne M Puggioni

{Psalm 31:24}

Now all I am
I lay at your feet

 I'm humbled by the wonder of Your majesty 
One thing I know I find all I need
In Your unending love In Your unending love 
{Hillsong Live, God is Able CD}

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Love that song and His feet are the best place to be when we need to be reminded that His love overeshadows our failings and our ridiculous expectations of ourselves xx00

  2. Just beautiful Jo. God's perfect timing again. His love is all we need.x

  3. Lovely poem Jo. Beautiful song. His love is amazing.

  4. Take it easy Jo and rest in Him! I saw your post on the hs forum too...thinking of you...

  5. Hey Jo, Oh yes I can relate! Have had a few burnout moments myself over the years! (let's be honest, who hasn't?!) Sending lots of love and thinking how fun it would be to chill out over a cuppa together one day...we could call it therapy! :) My life is crammed a bit too full at the moment - doctors, dentists, teens starting jobs, etc... I too am feeling the need to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N. Have a happy Friday, Mel x

  6. Hello Jo

    I'm new to your blog today and want to say you have a beautiful blog.

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart on line it's encouraging to us all.

    I am in the valley of burnout at the moment but there are always glimmers of hope here and there.

    Yesterday I surfed a few Titus 2 mother sites and found some great encouragement I would love to share with you.



    Take a look at the Homeschool burnout / encouragement list

  7. What if you cant seem to find all you need in His unending love?. Not His fault of course, but you just cant seem to take it in and take hold of it.


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