Monday, 30 August 2010

Wild at Heart

My boy warriors love to be heroes. Mothers of boys are in effect raising super heroes. I remember when Leader Boy Warrior pulled Courageous Boy Warrior's shirt to get him off the road and onto the footpath, and safely out of the way of a car coming down the road. He said proudly, "Mum, that was my first rescue!" The way he said it, he implied that it was a given that there would be more rescuing in his lifetime. That this was the first of many.
Courageous Boy Warrior loves to dress up and comes up with some very creative characters with very creative super powers. He will come up to me all dressed up and ask, "Do you need any help here?" I will always find something that he can help me with and play the part of the damsel in distress. When the task is down, I will gush, "My hero!" and give him a kiss. And he will beam from ear to ear.

I walked into my kitchen last week to find Cookie Boy Warrior had picked up a sharp knife and decided to help Mummy by cutting up potatoes. Not my finest parenting moment! After my heart stopped beating furiously and I checked his hands for any lost appendages. I inspected his work, and marveled at how well he had cut the potatoes. Cookie Boy Warrior is always by my side as I prepare dinner, and must have watched me cut potatoes a zillion times. He had cut the potatoes in 4, just as I he had seen me do many times before. Sometimes by trying so hard to keep our boys safe, we deny them the opportunity to take risks, and to find out that they are actually capable of a whole lot more then we give them credit for.

I love seeing this natural desire to rescue and to find adventure in everything come out in my boys. It is part of their masculinity. It is how God designed males. Women nurture and men fix things. It is how it was always meant to be. I see it in the hero that I married. If I have a problem, he immediately offers me solutions (without me asking him) to fix the problem.  This is sometimes frustrating when all I want him to do is listen. But it is how men are wired. They see the world so differently to women.

John Elredge writes in his book, 'Wild at Heart':
Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. That is how he bears the image of God; that is what God made him to be.
Man is made in the image of God. Exodus 15:3 says: The Lord is a warrior;Yahweh is his name!

Our men (and boys) are made to be warriors. John Elredge goes on to say in the book 'Wild at Heart',
Capes and swords, camouflage, bandannas and six-shooters-these are the uniforms of boyhood. Little boys yearn to know they are powerful, they are dangerous, they are someone to be reckoned with.

As a mother of 3 boys, I encourage the boy warrior's wild sense of adventure. I don't want them to grow up to be nice christian men. I want them to grow up to be wild at heart - warriors for Him. I want them to be everything He destined them to be. I want them to take risks. I want them to be courageous. I want them to be anything but nice. I want them to stand up for injustice. I want them to stand up for Him.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. And I would say, you are doing a wonderful job! I read another book of John Elredge years ago, called "Sacred Romance". It was a fantastic book.

    Love the photos of your gorgeous boys...

  2. I so want my son to grow up as a warrior for Christ as well. He is definitely wired to take risks. As mothers of boys, it's so important to encourage rather than hinder that sense of adventure. How exciting to be playing a part in future warriors for the kingdom!

  3. I have not read Wild at Heart yet, but did just listen on iPod to Captivating... a great book I now need to read the paged copy and do the study guide.

    but something odd struck me as I've listened and/or read MANY books lately by Christian authors, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, John Ortberg, Pastor Rick Warren, etc...not ONE of them is written by someone who is single, every one of them is married... so how is a single person to relate?

    I get it God is/should be our everything... and to me He is, but is it selfish to want a companion in the physcial realm for the time we have left to dwell here?

  4. My dear friend, Jo.... I LOVE your warrior boys. You are an amazing mother to them! When my boys were younger I called on of them My "Braveheart" and the other My "Samurai Warrior"... They would light up when I called them that!

    Have read Wild at Heart... in fact my husband used to speak at a men's retreat here based on that book... I am so thankful that I learned that at around 12 boys turn from mom towards Dad... Sure helped my mother's heart when it happened.

    You are doing an amazing job!


  5. Jo your precious boy warrior's are wonderful, they are learning so much from a wonderful and inspiring mother. I love your photos they are beautiful, thank you.

  6. Amen. So, so true. I want my little boy to be a warrior and a hero too!

  7. Jo, you have an awesome bunch of warriors there! keep up the great job you are doing!

  8. They are awesome! I love those boys and their captivating mother xx

  9. "Sometimes by trying so hard to keep our boys safe, we deny them the opportunity to take risks, and to find out that they are actually capable of a whole lot more then we give them credit for,"

    I echo you, totally agree! Awesome post..will come back for more to look at your warriors' progress =D

  10. Oh my goodness... what little men of God. I love those photos... I honestly wanted to reach through and give them all a squeeze.

  11. Great post, Jo! You are so right to encourage your boys to become what God designed them to be! The adventures you described in your post sound sweet now, because they are still children, but they are showing the building of their characters - soon they will be strong, godly men, who will stand up for Him...Heroes for the Lord!

    Livng for Him, Joan

  12. Having just written about my boy, I came across your delightful post about your boys.... love the amazing dynamic that little boys bring to life...simply divine.

  13. Hi dear - Love seeing your family pics. Your boys are so so handsome. I want a boy so bad, I think am over the giving birth thing, I will have to adopt my little boy someday when my gals go off to college. Looks like they had so much fun, helping you out with the cooking, playing heroe and all the fun boy stuff. God bless you dear and your family

  14. What a lovely post! My boy warriors do the same thing. I always need to remind myself they are boys, doing what boys love and need to do.
    Have a blessed day!

  15. LOVE your post!! Aren't boys wonderful? I am blessed to 2 wild and wonderful boys. It is a challenge to protect while not diminshing their natural, wild, exploring nature that God instilled in them to become warriors.

  16. Amen! No more stodgy mommy over here! lol Well, maybe not quite...I am looking for ways to encourage my boys in their warrior-ness, thank you, this post was encouraging!

  17. This was wonderful! My boys run around in capes and masks and save mommy all the time. They just recently go into the whole superhero thing and I have been trying to encourage them in looking to biblical heroes and not just people with masks and super powers. Thanks for sharing!

    Christian Momma

  18. I might have had a heart attack finding my son cutting potatoes like that. How right you are, though, about letting them take some risks. I am so guilty of being "over protective."


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