Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I am beautiful

I gaze at Courageous Boy Warrior in wonder, fascinated by this incredible boy I have been entrusted with. I grab his face in my hands and say to him, "You are amazing. Do you know that?".

He glances at me for a moment and then continues to play with the toy that he had been playing with and sighs, "Yeah, I know."

"But do you really know how amazing you are?", I ask.

"Yes Mum." he answers very matter-of-factly, "Everyone is amazing." And continued on with his game.

I couldn't get his answer out of his head. He was right. Everyone is amazing. But it was his confidence that he knew he was amazing that touched me so. I hope that he always knows how amazing he is.

On Sunday the pastor shared how her daughters love to look at themselves in the mirror. They loved what they saw and thought the reflection of themselves was beautiful. I remembered a time when I was a child when I could look in the mirror and I liked what I saw. I thought knew I was beautiful. I don't remember thinking "Am I beautiful?" I just knew that I was.

But somewhere in my childhood I started to look in the mirror and I saw my imperfections. I no longer knew that I was beautiful. I started to ask the question, "Am I beautiful?" and the answer I received from so many voices was, "No. You are not beautiful. see that person over there- they are beautiful and you will never be like them." And I believed the lie.

I asked my family, "Am I beautiful?" and they answered, "Stop being so vain."

I asked my friends, "Am I beautiful?" and they answered, "What a show off. You are so up yourself."

I asked men, "Am I beautiful? and they answered, "You're OK. But not as beautiful as her."

I asked women, "Am I beautiful?" and they laughed at me and said, "You're kidding me right?"

The problem was I was asking the right question, but to the wrong people. It wasn't until I took my question to my King and He answered, "My darling, everything about you is beautiful, and there is nothing at all wrong with you", that I could start to look in the mirror and believe that I was beautiful.

It has taken me a few years since this question was first answered by God for me to believe that I am beautiful. But I can now look in the mirror and I think, "you really are beautiful!" 

I am made in His image.

My darling, everything about you is beautiful,
and there is nothing at all wrong with you.
My sister, my bride, you have thrilled my heart;
you have thrilled my heart
with a glance of your eyes,
with one sparkle from your necklace.
~Song of Solomon 4:7,9~

Still taking lessons from the King,

This post appeared in Enhance Magazine Summer 10/11 edition



  1. Jo, that is so precious and beautifully written, Thank you. I love the picture of the sweet little girl.

  2. Now,that is a beautiful post! You are so right. Being beautiful in God's eyes is what matters...and that beauty comes from within. It never fades or grows old and it will last is Christ in our hearts.

    Living for Him, Joan

  3. Oh, Jo, you made me cry. That verse just touched me so much. I can so identify with your feelings and am just beginning to understand more of how God sees me. Your son's answer was so amazing - such wisdom from a young heart.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I love this! Of course we are asking the wrong people! As I was reading I was connecting so much to that longing to be acknowledged as beautiful, but alas, there was no one to offer the praise... at least no one that was all "fleshy" and from whom I was craving affirmation. Thank you for reminding me of where I need to look - because despite the fact that I'm "over-it" and can recognize my value apart from my sense of being beautiful, I'm still a longing heart afterall.

  5. Yes! That is the message that God wants to get out to His daughters You are captivating!! That is the heart beat of my book: The reflection is not what we see in the glass xx

  6. I can so identify with your words here. :)

  7. You are beautiful! as am I:) (insert cheeky grin)

  8. So great to be catching up with your blog!
    Thanks for sharing such exhorting words..seriously..tis true..You are beautiful!!! In His eyes, such a beautiful treasure!!

    *~ Love n' huGs

  9. Hi there, I have just visited and enjoyed reading this post. It is so thought provoking. I am thinking how easily it is to be caught up in the worlds standard of beauty. Our daughters need to feel secure in the beauty they have and the beauty of their character as well
    Thanks for sharing

  10. It's so true, my daughter Jessica often gets dressed and looks at her reflection and says, "oh my goodness I am so beautiful" or "I am going to be the prettiest girl there" or even "Everyone thinks that I am pretty". Makes me smile EVERY time I hear it and I would love it if she never loses it. Katrina :-)

  11. Hey dear - You are so beautiful. I know we all have those moments when the mirror lies to us and we believe it. Its a journey but a beautiful journey. You are beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful.

  12. Love this Jo,

    The King is enthralled with your beauty!!!


  13. You ARE very beautiful, Jo! I was told much worse growing up and even after becoming a Christian and meeting my husband who always told me so, I just couldn't accept it for many years.

    Being uniquely created in His Image means a whole lot of beauty for all of us!

    Big hugs!

  14. Loved this post! You are beautiful,inside and out!

    Love, Nicole

  15. Love this! It makes me cry.
    I was told I was plain, with a gawdy big smile from very young. I don't recall ever thinking I was beautiful until around three years ago, when I had a personal revelation of how God delights in me.
    I don't ever want my girls to go through 30 years of wishing they were beautiful. So many lessons learnt - that need to be taught early.

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  17. How's my Australian friend? I had to come back here today to visit. You are on my heart...



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