Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mum, I can feel Him touching my heart too

We were driving to a friend's house. I had a restless night's sleep the night before, only to be woken up when I finally did manage to settle my mind and go to sleep, by Courageous Boy Warrior who needed a  cuddle after having had a nightmare. I said to the boys, "Mummy is going to praise Jesus now," and I turned up the Hillsong cd I had playing in the car. As I drove along, I sang loudly, determined that my tiredness would not dictate my day. I wanted to lift my weary body by focusing on Him.

As he usually does, Leader Boy Warrior joined me in singing praises to our King. After a few songs, I turned and looked at Leader Boy Warrior who was sitting in the seat beside me. He had tears in his eyes. When the song had ended he said, "I couldn't stop myself from crying during that song," looking at me perplexed. I leaned over and touched him saying, "That's just the Holy Spirit touching your heart my love, telling you how much He loves you."

Courageous Boy Warrior listening in the back seat thinks for a moment and said, "Mum. I can feel Him touching my heart too."

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. What precious little boys. I do love them so!

  2. It is amazing to witness the power and moving of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our children. One of the many gifts we receive when we become Mother's.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Absolutely priceless!!!!!
    Love your comments about being beautiful over on my blog :)

  4. Simply precious! I loved that the lessons you are learning are being passed down to your 'lil warriors.

    And I love your new name as well. I can only imagine all the good things He has planned for His princess warrior.


  5. Absolutely stunning, my friend. Love how sensitive the hearts of children are. Reminds me of Jesus' words... about becoming like a child. Loved this!

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog and I'd like to pass on the beautiful blogger award to you:

    Keep on writing and fighting!


  7. How precious! This is what is is all about-- perfect homeschooling. More is caught than taught.


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