Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Are we teaching our children what really matters?

~How delicious is Cookie Boy Warrior?~*

~Courageous Boy Warrior is really growing in God~*

~Leader Boy Warrior has such a beautiful heart towards God.~*

We have had a pretty unproductive time in the academics department lately. We have had a lot on and school books have been neglected. But that's not so say that learning has not occured.

One paticular day, my home seemed to be a war zone, with brother against brother and mother against son. It was not a pleasant day. There was strife in my home.

Leader Boy Warrior came up to me and said:

LBW:  "Hey Mum. I think that the Enemy is making us fight against each other so that we don't work together as a team." 
Me: " I think you are right son. Let's pray against it."
LBW: "I already have Mum."
Me: "OK then. Can we pray again together?"
LBW: "Yeah sure Mum."

So we prayed together my son and I, and the atmosphere in our home changed. Peace came.

We gave an mp3-player to Courageous Boy Warrior for his birthday so that he could plug it into some speakers and listen to music in his room. This afternoon he brought the mp3-player down to me and said:

"Mum. could you take 'Alvin & the Chipmunks' off my mp3-player please? I only want music on here that I can praise God with. I just want to praise my Father."

How my heart leaps when my boys grow in God and show fruit that His Spirit is at work within them. My heart for my children is for them to have a good education - but more than that - I want them to know and love the One who loves them more than anything. If they leave home in love with the King, wanting to fulfill His purpose for their lives, aand knowing that they can do all things through Him who will strengthen them, then I know that my job as a parent would have been successful.

How do I achieve this? By modelling it in my own life. The saying, "things are caught more than they are taught" applies here. It is my responsibilty to show my children what a victorious Christian life looks like. They need to see that I am not perfect, but He is. They need to see how I deal with sickness, trials, success etc. They are always watching us and will follow our example of how we deal with situations. Whether we like it or not!

I love what Holly Wagner wrote in her book, "Warrior Chicks":

"The Bible promises that if we train up a child in the way he should go, then in his old age, he will not depart from it. What way do you want your children going? Then train them that way. Show them over and over again. Demonstrate with your own life what you want them to do.

My children are not perfect. So, I admit it, there are certain areas in which I have failed to train my children. But there are some areas of training that we did right. They know how to dress themselves. They take showers. They are potty trained. They chew with their mouths closed (most of the time). They rarely burp at the table. They know how to make a decsion. They know how to pray. Both of them love God. They love His house. They love serving in His house. They love each other. They love their parents. They are committed to finding God's will in their lives.

They are learning that they are entitled to nothing. That they must work hard to see the dreams of their heart birthed. They are learning that God is only obligated to see His dream fulfilled in their lives - not to fulfill any selfish desires they may have." p140-142

So, although I may not have had a successful academic week I know that my boy warriors have still learned what really matters. I am constantly challenged when I remind myself that my attitude and response to circumstances teach my boys so much more than any curriculum could.

*How do you like the photos of the Boy Warriors?? My photography is getting better isn't it? Not bad for an ameteur! I have just ordered them in canvas prints to hang in my lounge room.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Love this! It is SOOO true that things are caught and not taught, with my life modelling that with bad behaviours picked up (as well as the good!).

  2. Great post, Jo. We need to teach, and lead by example, for our children. I love the part in the quote that says we also need to teach out children how to fail, that we fail and that God is the only one that is perfect. So true, this is how we teach our children about God's grace. Beautiful. If they can understand the grace of God as a child it will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

  3. I've been following your blog for a little while now, and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your heart. May God continue to bless you as you show your boys what is most important in life.

  4. Praise God He is at work in our children's lives!

  5. Oh the canvas will be wonderful! And thanks for sharing about the Chronicles. We have read 3 of them. Time to finish up the series.

    Happy hugs,

  6. I love hearing how God is working in the hearts of your children, so beautiful!!!!

  7. This is too precious Jo!! We have started daily readings from Daniel's children's Bible and prayer with him. I can't wait until they are older and I start seeing the fruit of the seeds we are planting!

  8. Love your photos. Your boys are so handsome...

    Love your thoughts.. and seeing how your day was.. That's the whole thing. Home school is not about academics. It's about preparing the child for the day when they will step out to be who they were made to be. I've been through 2 leaving and the 3rd will graduate this spring.

    Though in the world's eyes some of our home school days don't look too successful, what God sees is what really matters. To see what was done in your boy's hearts is a profound day of learning in my opinion.... about what really matters.

    Loved this Jo~


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