Friday, 12 February 2010

Commit your plans to the Lord

~Boy Warriors in front of new Narnia movie prop at Movieworld. We are reading The Chronicles of Narnia and have almost finished Prince Caspian, so they were super excited to see the prop of the Dawn Treader! We were able to go onto the ship and they had a statue of Mr Tumnus and Mr & Mrs Beaver on it.   (Apologies for quality of photo. It's actually a photo of a souviner photo. I forgot my camera on the day we visited Movieworld and it was Courageous Boy Warrior's birthday....My scanner went with Mighty Prince Warrior to his new work premises.)~

I have had such a great week this week. We got back into some sort of routine with school work. It didn't always work, but we'll find what works for us and settle into it soon. I have a renewed passion for homeschooling. I know now that I am in it for the long haul. I remember talking with a wise homeschooling friend about a year ago and she likened homeschooling to a marriage where there has to be a commitment to homeschooling. I have been thinking about that a lot this week, and commiting myself to homeschooling my boys for their whole school life has given me such peace. Before, I wasn't fully comitted to it, with the attuitude, "Just in case it doesn't work out......" kind of attitude. Imagine if I had this attitude towards my marriage? What a recipe for disaster. And so it was with my homeschooling. I now know that if I have a bad day, it doesn't really matter as there is always tomorrow. It is so true that homeschooling is a journey. A marathon and not a sprint.

I am not the most organised person in the world, but I am trying. I am "Miss Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants", but that doesn't really work with 3 Boy Warriors in tow! I'm taking baby steps to getting organised.. I have worked out my school programmes for both boys and have written a 'loose' schedule to follow. This is working fairly well at the moment, but may need tweaking from time to time.

~Leader Boy Warrior reading to his brothers~

I have also introduced 'quiet room time' after lunch. Now that Mighty Prince Warrior no longer works from home, each boy has his own room. When Cookie Boy Warrior has a nap after lunch, I send Courageous Boy Warrior & Leader Boy Warrior into their own rooms for 'quiet room time'. They can listen to music, play lego - whatever. As long as they stay in their rooms and are quiet. No shouting out.  This has made such a difference to the running of the day. The boys don't fight as much as they have a break from each other and my house is quiet for an hour a day. This gives me time to have a break from the Boy Warriors too. I use the time to read my bible, pray, worship, blog or get things done that are easier to get done uninterrupted. I am a less stressed Mummy because of it, and a less stressed wife when Mighty Prince Warrior returns home in th evening.

The other thing I did this week in an effort to be organised was make 15 sandwiches on Sunday night and freeze them. This has made such a difference. Now I just have to pull 3 sandwiches out every morning, and voila, lunch is ready. I just whip up a salad or something similar for myself at lunchtime. Easy!

One other thing I did this week was commit my plans to the Lord. By doing this, I know they will suceed, because His Word does not lie.

Commit to the Lord everything you do. Then your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Sounds like you are feeling really peaceful about things now which is great!! That dawntreader head looks great, it's my favourite one of the books so I can't wait to see it, do you know when the movie is coming out???

  2. Oh Jo, this post is filled with such promise! I'm so happy for the new developments and routines. I love the quiet time idea. No wonder I've seen you post more (and chitty chat during the day a wee bit). I think I'll do the quiet time thing for us here. Countdown is on to "PWC&JPW Day" and I can't wait! xo

  3. Look at you go! I am so proud!

    We've tried a quiet time thing too - a homeschool seminar speaker we heard suggests having an hour after lunch where feet have to be "off the floor" and the options for activity are: read, sleep, pray, or think. We haven't done it consistently (my fault) but I love when we do it and despite minor protest, the kids seem to appreciate the time.

    Your comment, "We got back into some sort of routine... It didn't always work..." - totally gave me a wake-up call that the reality is that traditional school routines don't always work. And thus introduces the beauty of homeschooling! When things don't click in a classroom of 30, the teacher must decide between hitting rewind and "loosing" instruction hours forever or he/she must charge ahead hoping that what was lost won't ultimately matter. In traditional school, just like in homeschool, there are always monkey wrenches jamming up the works - what freedom you(we) have to approach each day with an attitude of finding what works for us. The goal doesn't have to be finding a set routine but GETS to be hearing the Lord's direction for each day. Of course, he is a God of order so we can take comfort knowing He'll bring a degree of routine. Praise Him!

  4. Ooh Ooh, I love organizing! Sometimes too much :) So glad you listened to the Father's Love Letter with me today. I am listening to it everyday that His love may saturate all that I am.


  5. You are doing an amazing job! I'm so proud of you... God will guide you each step of each day.. Just listen for His voice and follow where He leads. He knows what your school is to look like... He will show you.
    One thing I would strongly caution you about... don't compare.. what might work for my home school might not be right for yours. God knows exactly the plans for you and yours....

    Great job, dear friend, great job!


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