Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Honouring my friend

~Jo Princess Warrior and Paula have a 'super model shoot!'
We had a rare few hours together without our children at Paula's house last weekend.~

Sometimes we think that the best friends we can have are the people that are going through the same things that we are going through. When we are single, we gravitate towards people who are single. When we are married, we find other married people to be friends with. And when the children come, we find friends that are also parents.While there is certainly understanding and support with those you find in similar circumstances as yourself, there are those who you think on the surface that you may have nothing in common with and may overlook them as potential friends. I am so glad I looked deeper than the surface with my friend, Paula.

Paula and I find ourselves in very different circumstances. I am a married homeschooling mother of 3 boys, and she is a fulltime working single mother of a daughter. You would think that two such woman would have little in common, but what we do have in common is our love for our King. We both have a hunger to know Him and seek Him.

It was over a year and a half ago now that Paula and I met in Blog Land. We found that we live within 45 minutes drive of each other and after sharing our lives through our blogging, decided it was time to meet. As you know, typing on a computer to someone is very different to meeting them in real life. I have to confess, I was a little apprehensive. We met at a Christian Book Store that had a cafe and a playground for the kids. Well, my fears were unfounded, we spoke so comfortably for hours, and a friendship was forged that I will always treasure.

I am so glad I decided to pursue this friendship. Had I discounted Paula as a friend because we had nothing in common, my life would not be enriched by her as it is now. She constantly inspires me and challenges me to look to Him in every situation.

She has 4 blogs (isn't she amazing? I'm flat out maintaining one blog!). Please check them out as they are all equally incredible:

I know that I can't do without Paula in my life. And I thank the King for bringing us together.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. And YOU, my dear friend, are a true blessing to me. I love how we have not compartmentalised ourselves and are able to share our real purpose, which is our love for Jesus, with each other. I. LOVE. YOU. LOTS!

  2. WHat a wonderful post! I have to admit there are so many blogger friends I would LOVE to meet! I think I feel a bit of jealousy creeping up!! Ha! How wonderful that you and Paula found each other. I wanted to thank you for helping me out last week and voting for my poem! My blogging community really came through for me and for that I was truly grateful! I hope you have a wonderful week! (By the way...I loved the photos! I hear Vogue calling!!)

  3. Jo, I LOVED seeing these photos of you and Paula... How blessed you are to be so close to each other in physical form and spiritual...

  4. OH Yay for you both! Love the pics. You are both beautiful :)

  5. What a beautiful story of friendship. My it blossom even more. Wishing you both all God's love and many more blessings


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