Thursday, 18 February 2010

God's gifts and his call can never be withdrawn

~Me carrying Courageous Boy Warrior in my womb, baby shower 2005~

Our senior pastor has been doing a series about leadership and he suggested that your gifting is something that you are passionate about and would do without getting paid for it. Immediately I thought back over my life. I used to joke around and say to people, "I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up." But in my heart, that was true. I have always been envious of those who knew and pursued their passions. I felt kind of lost in it all.

I was told at school I could be anything I wanted to be. And I believed them. So after high school I completed a radio announcer course and gained employment in the radio industry immediately. I liked it, but I wasn't passionate about it, so I soon lost interest. Then I thought that I had better get serious about my future and get a degree. I liked helping people and so started studying Social Work and Psychology subjects at university. I liked it, but I wasn't passionate about it. I felt like a fraud at university and soon dropped out after I lost interest.

Not long after that, I came to know Jesus in a personal way and was born-again. I was 19 and so in love with the King, so eager to please Him. I was taught that the way to show Jesus how much you loved Him was to serve in the local church. So I served. I ran home groups, became an assistant youth pastor and studied at bible college. I liked it, but I wasn't passionate about it and I soon lost interest.

Fast forward a few years and I met and married the most amazing man. He was someone that I was passionate about. Two years after we were married, it happened. I found something that I was passionate about. I became a mother. I remember feeling "This is it! This is what I want to be when I grow up!" I want to be a mother.

So what am I passionate about that I would do without getting paid for? Right what I am doing now. Homeschooling my Boy Warriors. That's it! Romans 11:29 says:

For God's gifts and his call can never be withdrawn.

I am done with wondering if homeschooling my boys is 'enough'. It is my gifting. It is my calling and it can never be withdrawn.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Love this my friend! And yes, you ARE passionate about it, beyond measure! Your true calling. Just think of what you'll be able to do for others in the homeschooling community in the future with your knowledge and experience!

  2. Wonderful post! I too am passionate about my boys. Here's what I found so amazing about the day I became a mother (in 2005 just like you!) We got pregnant very early in our marriage (like 6 months in). I was not excited about the pregnancy. I wanted to be married for a while without babies. Then I was TERRIBLY sick - I mean hospitalized sick. On top of that we had a very rough first year of marriage. It just seemed like everything was bad and then kept getting worse and I was doing all this pregnant. However, we made it through and things finally got better. When my son was born, I still remember hearing his cry for the very first time. It was like a light switch turned on inside me the very instant I heard his voice -- I was his Mommy and I loved him more than life itself. I still have that passion, love, motherly instinct for both my boys!

  3. Great thoughts here Jo, so good that you are in your calling, passionate about what you do. It's a great place to be. :)

  4. Jo, I love this! My mum worked as a Family Day Carer my whole life and I always knew that I wanted to 'grow up to be a mum'. It is such an amazing time to see them grow and change. I use to think of the time when my boys were all grown and what I would do then, but now I think I would be totally lost with what to do when they do grow. I love right where God has put me!
    Bek xx

  5. Love this post. One of my challenges when raising my daughter is to help her realise what a valuable role being a mum and wife and homemaker is. I want her to 'want to be a mum when she grows up' as well.

  6. wonderful post Jo! I am passionate about my calling as wife and Mother too!


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