Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Today changes everything as we know it

~Leader Boy Warrior at his school desk~

So, today changes everything as we know it. My eldest son started his first day at school. He was excited and happy as he sat in his desk, waiting for his new adventure to start. I knew he was nervous, but he was being so brave. We had spoken at length over the last few days about how school will be such a new expereince for him and it's ok to be a little scared. He told me that he was so excited to start school, but was sad at the same time because he would miss me. He also shared with me how he was a bit apprehensive about making friends. As we talked about this and I encouraged him, he felt better. I reminded him that although Mummy couldn't be with him all the time, there is someone that can be - the Holy Spirit. We read this scripture to the boys before they go to sleep at night and they all know it by heart:

Isaiah 41:10 (New Century Version)

So don't worry, because I am with you.

Don't be afraid, because I am your God.

I will make you strong and will help you;

I will support you with my right hand that saves you.

I reminded him to think of this scripture whenever he felt afraid or sad and it will make him feel better. I should know. This scripture has helped me through some rough times in my life. So hard to let our babies go. I know that I am using this scripture even today to get through. I left him at the classrom with tears in my eyes, ans trusting in our amazing Lord that will keep him safe and look after him.

~Courageous Boy Warrior at his Uncle's engagement party~

Being a middle child is never easy. I should know. I was number 4 of 6 children. I always felt like I missed out and couldn't quite find my place in the family. So I guess I have an empathy for my own middle child. I had great difficulty bonding with him due to PND and only felt like I bonded with him when he was 4 years old. He is my most challenging child behaviour wise and needs some extra attention. He is so creative and how his little mind works astonishes me at times. A real think outside the box kind of guy! With Leader Boy Warrior at school, it will give me an opportunity to deal with these behaviour isues and to strengthen our bond. Today changes everything as we know it.

~Mighty Prince Warrior with Cookie Boy Warrior~

I know that Cookie Boy Warrior will miss his eldest brother. Leader Boy Warrior is very gentle and patient with him and looked out for his baby brother so much. Today changes everything as we know it. I know that one change I will be looking forward to is being less stressed and tired so that I can stop giving Mighty Prince Warrior "my leftovers". You know when you are so exhausted at night that all you give your husband is your leftovers. It's hard finding a balance of being mother and wife. But this is a prioity for me this year. It has been a difficult 6 years for both of us since we became parents, and especially with me suffereing from PND. I am looking forward to giving more of my attention to a very patient and loving husband who deserves so much more from me as a wife. Today changes everything as we know it.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Wonderful post my sweet friend! Yes, today changes everything as you know it; a new season, which I just know will be full of growth and boundless leaps forward! Love you!

  2. Everytime I read your blog I reach the end with a peaceful sigh and a smile. Thank you for sharing and for reflecting the grace of Our King.

  3. Time with your middle son sounds like a great idea and he will probably thrive with the extra attention, and your big boy looks happy, I'm sure he will enjoy his new adventure :-)

  4. Oh how I remember the day my oldest went to high school. She was 15 years old. After she got on the school bus I fell completely apart....
    It was her first day of school away from me... The heart feels the letting go's of life!

    Hugs to you this day, friend!


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