Friday, 10 July 2009

Ever felt like running away?

My cute Boy Warriors at work and play!

I have been feeling like runaway lately. Not literally, but just away from homeschooling. Recently, sending my boys to school has looked very attractive. I've comvinced myself that I cannot possibly educate my children, manage the home and be a good wife. Nobody can do it all right? I started day dreaming about a clean and organised house and 'me' time galore. Oh yes! That seems glorious.

I guess the honeymoon is over for my homeschooling journey. I started off with hopes and dreams that did not match up with my relality at all. I had unrealistic expectations of homeschooling and of myself. So I've been running away. But, how do you run away from the task that God has asked you to do? You can't.

Just like Jonah, I found myself on a ship to 'I'm not doing it!". And then a storm came in my life and everything seemed incredibly horrible. I avoided God's presence and I felt like I was drowning. I worshipped useless idols such as "a clean ordered house" and "time for myself".So I ended up in the water. And now, here I am in the belly of my own big fish crying out to the Lord just as Jonah did,

"When I was in danger, I called to the Lord, and he answered me. I was about to die, so I cried to you, and you heard my voice. (Jonah 2:2) I said, 'I was driven out of your presence, but I hope to see your Holy Temple again. (Jonah 2:4) When my life was almost gone, I remembered the Lord. I prayed to you, and you heard my prayers in your Holy Temple. People who worship useless idols give up their loyalty to you. But I will give sacrifices to you, and I will keep my promises to you. Salvation comes from the Lord. " Then the Lord spoke to the fish, and the fish threw up Jonah onto the dry land.(Jonah 2:7-10)

The Lord will throw me on dry land, and I will do the task that He has asked me to do. And I know that if He has asked me to do it, that He believes that I can do it, and He will equip me to do the job.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Amen! He WILL equip us to do whatever He has called us to do--His grace is sufficient, and His strength is made perfect in our weakness!

  2. I LIKE this post!! It descibes me, and descibed me when I first started too. In fact, I am a perpetual Jonah. I think, like Dory, I have short term memory loss about the goodness of God).
    Says Jess, who is still learning too.


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