Thursday, 4 December 2008

My King sells our house

So, as you know from my previous post, My King has found me a new castle. He did indeed and it was so perfect for us. But, we still had our house to sell. Prior to buying our house, I had organised to visit my girlfriend Bek and 2 other girlfriends in a different town. This worked out perfectly (are you getting the feeling of God's Hand in this all??) as Mighty Prince Warrior and Man-Child Warrior had to paint the kitchen, hallway and dining area. So, off I went with my 3 boy warriors to visit my girlfriends for 2 days.

When I returned I had the horrendous task of making my home look presentable for people to inspect on the weekend for open homes. Thankfully my sister came and gave me a hand and it was all ready in 2 days. Phew! My boys watched tv for 2 days straight to keep them out of the way. They didn't seem to mind.

Meanwhile, we were having a bit of trouble getting our finance for our new castle. Lending criteria has all changed in light of the current financial market. Our mortgage broker said the lender would approve finance on sale of our house and we also needed to show proof of funds to settle. As we didn't have either of those just yet, Mighty Prince Warrior and I found ourselves discouraged. But we always reminded each other that it was God that would make this happen and not to look at the natural circumstances. It was stretching us in our faith like never before.

We had 6 people through (and 1 nosey neighbour) over the weekend, but none of them wanted a second inspection. We had a lot of interest in the house, but nothing concrete. On Tuesday we had a lady come through and booked a second inspection with her husband the next day. They didn't show up. We had another couple come through and put in an offer the next day, but it was $10 000 below our minimum price that we needed. We sent back a counter offer only to have it rejected. We were again discouraged, and running out of time.

We had to make a decison. Do we take the lower offer or do we keep the property on the market hoping to get more? After all isn't a bird inthe hand worth more than 2 in the bush? We had a phone call from our agent. He had another lady wanting to inspect this afternoon.

The lady came with her 2 boys to inspect the place and seemed to like the house. The agent asked if she could come back with her husband that evening. I rushed around organsing dinner stressing out to get it all over with, bath the kids and clean up after us all to get ready for the inspection. I was so over strangers coming into my house and not being able to relax with the cleaning.

When she arrived with her husband, I notice a 3rd boy get out of the car. How funny. She had 3 boys like me. We went for a walk while they inspected our house. We returned after 25 minutes as it had started to rain. When we returned I noticed contracts on our kitchen bench. We went out into the backyard to give the agent some space. Our boys played with their boys.

After 10 minutes the agent came out with a contract in his hand and sat down with us. I thought, here we go again. We'll have a low offer and have to counter-offer and play the game. But to my suprise, the offer was $5000 more than our minimum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over and above what we needed. We were told by 4 different agents that in this market we would not get what we needed. But my KIng doesn't work in this market does he? He found the perfect family to buy our house. This family loved our house and had 3 boys that would love our playroom, and backyard just like my 3 boys have.

So I as I write this I am exhausted (do you know how hard it is to keep a house in showroom condition with 3 small boy warriors??), but so happy. I am so loved by my King. He has worked everything out for us so well. Even when the economic climate is as it is. Because He doesn't work in this world system. I feel so blessed and highly favoured. We were told that houses are taking a long time to sell (months, not weeks) and prices have dropped. Our house sold after being on the market for 9 days and for more than what the agents said it would.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Awesome! Your adventure makes me think of when we sold and bought nearly three years ago and the way God just executed everything so perfectly and seamlessly. Like you said, it's tempting to look at the circumstances and get discouraged but God doesn't follow the market rules.

  2. "But my King doesn't work in this market does he?" No, He sure doesn't and this is bold reminder from Him of that fact. It is SO amazing to think that He is in total control, and I mean TOTAL. I am blown away by how He has looked after you all with your house buying and selling. Proof that He IS the King, and at the end of the day we can only do so much as He reigns supreme no matter what. Love Paula :-)

  3. That's awesome! You're right our King doesn't work in this market!! He owns it all!



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