Saturday, 25 October 2008

Dreams can come true

So I was weary. I felt that I had been battling for so long that I grew tired. After breakfast Leader Boy Warrior told me about this wonderful dream he had and said at the end, "I wish that dreams could come true."

I packed my boy warriors into the car to head off to the Women's meeting, and as we drove a song played on the radio. It was by Gabrielle, titled 'Dreams'. The lyrics for the chorus said,

Dreams can come true
Look at me babe I'm with you
You know you gotta have hope
You know you gotta be strong

When Leader Boy Warrior heard these lyrics, he said, "Hey Mum. She just said that dreams can come true!" I smiled.

I dropped my boy warriors into the children's church room where the amazing girls looked after them so I could worship and listen to the message child-free. Bless those girls! Who knows how precious time without the kids are?

After the worship, Pastor Ann Graham stood up and after welcoming us, said, "What I want to share is about getting weary on the way to the Dream." OK God, I was listening.

My dream is to be depression-free. To no longer have to suffer from this mental illness. I have been doing battle against it and I was becoming weary in the journey. PS Ann went on to share from the story of Joseph how the dream is conceived and can be 'aborted' by listening to those who cannot see the dream with us. Their negativity can cause us to miscarry.

She then shared from the story of Rachael and how she laboured with difficulty. And so must we in order to birth our dream, Then she shared how God remembered Joseph, He remembered Hannah, He remembered Sarah and He remembered Rachael. And He would remember me.

She also said that you need to hang around other 'pregnant' women. Women pregnant with their own dreams. And it what I'm doing. I'm hanging around my sister and Paula, amongst many other sisters in Blogland. At the moment I'm hanging around Holly Wagner, Bobbi Houston and Lisa Bevere by reading their books and sharing their dreams.

I came away still weary, but encouraged. Encouraged to hold on to my dream and do labour with difficulty, until the day when I 'give birth' to my dream.

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. I can't give you the whole story here, but, I too have battled against a depression-type condition. One thing I've learned from it is to never under-estimate the reality of spiritual battle. I found true refreshment the day God reminded me that this is not a battle between He and I, where I am not being obedient enough or what-not - this is a battle in which He and I are on the same side. For so long my eyes were focused on me as I pleaded with God, "what is wrong with me? What do I need to do about it?" I was carrying a lot of guilt and shame. But then I was freed up to set my sights on Him and it's so much more encouraging to watch God effortlessly obliterate the enermy while I stand comfortably beneath his wing.


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