Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I need help holding up my sword

I have 3 days left of my ant-depressants presciption and already the enemy is trying to convince me that I'm doing the wrong thing. I know that I'm in for a rough ride and to make it worse...I'm just coming to the end of 2 very big weeks running around trying to catch up with people before I embark on our next school term. I know, not using wisdom!

The enemy is having a field day saying, "Did you really hear from God about going off your medication?" and his favourite at the moment, "You are not going to be able to cope without the medication." I can feel him start to dig his claws into my back But I am using my sword, The Word of God, to combat him. I know that the battle belongs to the Lord. But it's tough, I need help.

Please pray for me

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Hi Jo, I am thinking of you and praying for you during this time. I can appreciate how you're feeling as, although not taking medication for my ups and downs, the enemy knows right where to hit me at the most inappropriate time. Hit me up if you need anything, even if it's just a word of encouragement! Paula :-)

  2. Jo, thank you for becoming a regular reader of my blog. I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. What a blessing you are! Please know, you are in my prayers. Much love. Carol


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