Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Putting Humpty Dumpy back together again!

It's funny, before I had children I rarely saw the inside of a Doctor's office. Nowadays, I earn frequent flyer points for the amount of visits. After the birth of my first child by cesarean, I was always exhausted and had no energy. I found out that my thyroid gland was under active and was prescribed medication to bring me back to normal levels.

After my 2nd child, also by cesarean, I suffered from Post Natal Depression, had continual lower back pain from the 2 pregnancies and my abdominal muscles being sliced open.

With my 3rd child, (also by cesarean), I still had continual lower back pain, was still taking throid medication and anti-depressants, and now my foot was painful to walk on. So after a visit to the foot Doctor, was prescribed orthodics to fit inside my shoes.By the end of 2007, I felt that my body was boken and resolved to work on my health in 2008.

It is now half way through the year and I am happy to report that my health is improving. With the help of the orthodics, my foot is no longer in pain. I am doing pilates to stengthen my lower back and abdominal muscles. As my back is improving, I am able to exercise again by walking my eldest to school some days. I am on the mend.

I have also started improving mentally by reading the Word more frequently, making sure I listen to worship music as well as my favourie artists and taking time to smell the roses. I'm even doing little things like eating breakfast in the sunshine.I have put many boundaries in place so as not to overload my plate. All these things combined are helping.

My goal is to be off my anti-depressnats by the end of the year. But I'm in no hurry. I understand that while PND is physically a lack of serotonin, my mind is a powerful tool (I need to watch my thought patterns and speech) and spiritually I am fighting a generational battle of mental health issues being in my family. But I also know that God is my Healer and together we will take it one day at a time.

I'll let you know my progress...

Still taking lessons from the King,

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