Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Never say never!!

I always thought that I would do as everyone did. Get married, have kids and send them off to school. Isn't that what you do?

This year was my first introduction to the life of a school mum. It took me ages to get used to 'the school run'. The early morning rush out the door, fighting for a park etc. I am exhausted by 9am each morning! And I still have another 15 years or so ahead of me of this?

We are half way through the school year and I had my eldest home from school for 2 weeks. And I loved having my little man home. I was sorry to see him go back to school and missed him terribly. I started to become jealous of 'the other woman' in my son's life - his teacher. Thinking how unfair it wa that she got to spend more time with him than I did. I became righteously angered (ha!) that I had my beautiful babies and then was only going to have 5 years them only to give them over to strangers. It didn't seem right.

One Sunday morning after church I was online and my dear old flatmate and friend came online. We started chatting and found we both had a need in our lives to be accountable, be encouraged and grow. So we decided to make a committment to each other to keep in touch and be just that for the other! I found out that she was doing an online bible study and she suggested I check it out. I did just that and it was just what I needed.

I have struggled since I got married and even more so when I had kids to put God first and the bible studies were great for bringing me back to a place of intimacy with My Father. I then started reading the Word more and my hunger for the Lord grew again. The fire had been fueled again!

While checking out various other women's blogs that were doing the online bible study with me, I saw that a few of these woman homeschooled their children. I always thought I could never do that. This happened for a few weeks. Every link I opened had some connection with
homeschooling! I eventually came across this website through the Internet Cafe Devotions http://www.inpursuitofproverbs31.com/ and actually said out loud, "You're kidding me?!" when I saw she homeschooled her 3 boys. I decided to email her and ask her how she came to the decision of homeschooling. While I was waiting for her reply (US is a day behind Australia) I googled 'homeschool' and found a whole new world. I spent hours researching it and started to become excited about it!

I sent a text message to my sister's phone which said, "I am looking into homeschooling the boys next year. Pray that I make the right decision. Maybe you could join me and we could do it together." This was her reply, "No Way! I was thinking the same thing last week. I will pray for your decison. xoxo" I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT RESPONSE! WOW!

The next day I received an email back from Amy at In Pursuit of Proverbs 31. I was blown away when she said that there was a Heart of the Matter online conference this week that she was speaking at on the topic and would I like a free ticket! What? Ok God, now I'm listening. You have my attenetion. So I emailed back. Yes please.

So on Thursday morning (Wednesday afternoon US), I'm 'attending' an online conference about homeschooling. I am so excited about it. I am still praying it through as a decison like this must not be taken lightly. It's all happened so fast. But Never say never!!

Still taking lessons from the King,


  1. Saw your comment over on Heart of the Matter.

    You sound super-excited about the possibility of homeschooling. Good for you! Keep praying about it and He will lead the way.

    BTW, nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Jo,

    I'm a homeschooling mum of two boys (7 & 5) and I go to your home church. I believe Bella has already given you my email address. Feel free to drop me a line anytime. Always happy to help if I can.


  3. My kids have been in Christian school since the beginning and loved it. However, this year, I have really felt the Lord laying on my heart to home school. The past couple of months I have fought and gave every reason why I shouldn't. In July, after much prayer, conferences, reading books etc. we have decided to try it this year. I still struggle with it(even this morning). I am going to pray for you...I know where you are and how you are feeling!
    Deb at www.shellinyourpocket.blogspot.com


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